Xiaomi’s 11T Pro has totally changed the way I use my phone

Rating: 7/10 | Price: from £ 499 to Amazon, Vodafone and Xiaomi


Flagship performances; 120W load; fast fingerprint sensor; solid speakers; smooth 120Hz refresh rate


Complaints about cameras are overrated; muted display

It’s an understatement to say that Xiaomi has had a great year – now the world’s largest smartphone maker in terms of sales. Things are peachy. Huawei is still floundering in the West, OnePlus is backing down to Oppo and moving away from its most maverick roots, and Xiaomi has capitalized. Samsung-style has flooded the market with its Mi, Redmi and Poco phones – offering options at £ 100, £ 1,000, and plenty of mid-price options. Xiaomi has cut Samsung’s prices across the board as well, while outperforming it for the cutting edge features of many phones.

However, Xiaomi is still missing something – a phone that people will call “the best”. Huawei and OnePlus managed to do this during the height of their respective booms. Xiaomi has moved closer to the Mi 11 Ultra to dominate Android phones with raw specs – but an odd design and overheating issues have held it back.

The predecessor of the Xiaomi 11T Pro – the Mi 11 – received proper praise for its flagship-type specs and sub-flagship price, but, again, that still wasn’t the case. the phone to buy. The 11T Pro builds on the Mi 11, bringing blazingly fast 120W charging to completely change your phone habits with the promise of improved cameras. But, is it great or just good?

Who is it for ?

The Xiaomi 11T Pro is an attractive proposition for almost anyone who wants to spend around £ 600 on a phone. Fans of the giant OnePlus flagships will find a lot to like here, with the innovative 120W charging, 120Hz display, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. Samsung fans will see a feature-packed phone before the Korean giant. While those who generally like to buy the real flagships that cost over £ 800 may see the Xiaomi 11T Pro as the device to save them a few hundred dollars – it’s certainly not that far off the best Android phones.

However, although the term “Cinemagic” is frequently adopted by Xiaomi during the launch of this phone and in marketing materials, it is not intended for the phone camera enthusiast – it does not have the zoom and zoom. luxurious color capabilities of the flagship products of its competitors. You’ll have to spend a bit more or go for a Pixel 5 if that’s your bag.


The Xiaomi 11T Pro is so right and given that it produced the stunning and colorful Mi 11 Lite earlier this year, it is particularly disappointing that this is one of the blockages of this impressive phone. Thin bezels and a slim chassis give this phone a nice look on the front and a comfortable grip, with easy access to a quick fingerprint reader on the side as well.

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