Wicket Joins Ranks of Leaders in NIST’s 1:1 Facial Biometrics Test

Wicket’s facial biometrics algorithm ranked in the top ten globally for the Visa Border category in the NIST FRVT verification test when it was first submitted earlier this year, with the company touting its nearly zero accuracy rate. flaw as a sign of its position in the global biometrics market.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based computer vision and biometrics company submitted its facial recognition algorithm for evaluation by NIST for the 1:1 FRVT test in February 2022.

The results published in a February update placed Wicket third among US-based algorithms in the Visa Border test and tenth globally in the Visa Border test. These results were based on a 99.76% accuracy rate for the Visa Border test, and Wicket further reports that it achieved the top 6% algorithms in four out of five false mismatch rate (FNMR) tests. ) constrained.

As of the March 30, 2022 update, Wicket’s algorithm remains in the top 15 in three categories, including two mugshot categories, and in the top 25 for matching visa shots.

The company says the Visa Border test is the best match for its primary use for facial access control and ticketing. Wicket notably operates biometric ticketing and crowd analysis for sports arenas.

Wicket says the results show it has a leading position among US biometrics vendors and a competitive position against world leaders in facial recognition accuracy.

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