What is Genesis Face Connect and how does it work?

Until now, smart keys have been the most convenient way to access a vehicle. However, a new technology called “Face Connect” from the Genesis brand has arrived to make this simple, everyday action even easier.

Like a science fiction movie, Face Connect is a human recognition technology that unlocks and locks the doors of a vehicle by scanning the driver’s face. To go further in the field of biometrics, this technology combines with a fingerprint authentication system that allows owners to start their vehicle and drive off, whether their smart key is on them or not. Face Connect will debut on the upcoming Genesis GV60 electric SUV.

The Genesis Face Connect system allows the driver to walk to their vehicle, open the door and get in as if they had never locked the car. It does not require any smart key to be nearby.

The system uses a near infrared (NIR) camera positioned on the B-pillar to capture the driver’s face as the vehicle approaches. This camera works in all lighting conditions, day or night, so getting into the car, even in the dark, is no problem. The only way the system will not allow entry into the vehicle is for the camera to no longer “see” the driver’s face.

The NIR camera provides information to the system’s facial recognition software. Once the driver is recognized, the door unlocks immediately, even before a hand touches the vehicle.

Face Connect can register a maximum of two faces as authorized operators of the vehicle. Each of the two drivers can configure an individual profile that personalizes vehicle parameters, such as the preset positions of the driver’s seat, side mirrors and steering wheel. The system also makes personalized head-up display and infotainment settings based on saved preferences. Of course, people other than licensed drivers can drive the vehicle, but they will need a smart key and will not take advantage of the Face Connect features.

Overall, Face Connect technology allows vehicle owners to break free from their car keys. They can leave their keys in the car and lock the door using the system. Securing the vehicle makes it easy for drivers to participate in outdoor and recreational activities otherwise encumbered by carrying car keys.

Face Connect works in conjunction with a fingerprint authentication system that allows the driver to start the car by placing their finger on a reader located on the center console. Once the system has verified the driver’s identification, it allows them to start the car and drive away. Genesis has started replacing its PIN code system with fingerprint authentication, which enables in-vehicle payments and activates valet mode for added security, in addition to having vehicle start functionality.

Along with the introduction of Face Connect and fingerprint authentication technology, Genesis has further enhanced the in-car experience with a revised version of its over-the-air (OTA) software updates. In addition to sending updates to infotainment and digital systems, new technology can now update mechanical systems such as suspension, brakes and steering. Going forward, OTA updates could allow Face Connect to expand its list of approved drivers for a vehicle or add additional personalization to individual driver profiles.

Genesis’ new Face Connect system frees drivers from having to carry car keys. Add to that new vehicle boot fingerprint authentication technology and extended OTA capabilities for a new level of security and convenience for Genesis owners. The Face Connect system will debut on the all-new GV60 electric SUV and will likely be found in other models in the Genesis lineup.

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