Vivo X Fold: the new foldable screen smartphone is a high-end device from China – is it late in its release?

Vivo has announced the existence of its new version of foldable smartphones, and it is with the X Fold which has launched in China, exclusive to the country for now. The device is a massive screen that folds out from side to side, and it looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, which has a large display with ultra-thin glass on its surface.

Vivo X Fold: high-end smartphone launches in China

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GSMArena reports that Vivo recently introduced its new foldable smartphone in China, and the device called X Fold is the company’s latest flagship. The new phone brings a massive 6.53-inch external AMOLED display, with an internal 8.03-inch foldable LTPO2 AMOLED display for the biggest display inside the device.

Vivo boasts that the device can survive or withstand 300,000 bends that will open and close its massive display, and that’s 100,000 more than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3 has to offer. The device also provides 5G and sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with flagship cameras on the back and a 4,600mAh battery that can charge up to 66W.

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Vivo X Fold is like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3

Android Central said Vivo’s X Fold is like the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 in terms of design and how the device folds, unfolds and is used. However, there are many differences between the devices and there are many differences in terms of specifications of what it offers.

Schott’s UTG glass makes the foldable phone capable of doing what it promises the public.

Foldable smartphones now

Vivo has received rumors about its foldable smartphone companies which are focusing on the new X Fold having many features to bring to its future users. Before this was confirmed, there were rumors regarding the device and its features, and one of them is the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor which will have two of this technology, one on each side of the screen.

vivo logo

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UKRAINE – 2021/08/29: In this photo illustration the Vivo Communication Technology logo seen displayed on a smartphone and computer screen.

The smartphone folds in half lengthwise, and it is the same size as a regular smartphone when folded, doubling its display when opened to its full width. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is a very famous and sought-after smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer, especially its latest version which incorporates 5G on its technology.

The Vivo X Fold aims to put its offerings in competition with famous foldable versions from companies like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc.

Nonetheless, the Chinese smartphone brand is bringing its services to the world, giving them a new foldable device that will offer a unique perspective on the technology it offers.

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