US state lawmakers review biometrics to vote, say it’s just not ready

There are simply too many fingerprints for Arkansas state election officials to reliably match with computer devices.

Biometrics is not mature enough to accommodate a huge database of 3 million people.

And what about all the potential voters without fingers or even hands, Arkansas lawmakers wonder.

The fraud committed in Arkansas is too…complex or unusual, perhaps, to be addressed by the earliest examples of biometric systems used in the country and around the world.

These are some of the main arguments made by lawmakers who, as required by state law, had to consider whether it was time to deploy biometric scanners to ensure election credibility.

They said it just wasn’t feasible, according to information from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Still.

Most politicians quoted in articles in competing local publications said they would wait for biometrics to catch up with the demanding complexities of their small Midwestern state.

When pressed, lawmakers said state residents are unlikely to trust the technology either.

They said people would not want to lose their right to an anonymous vote, even though a fingerprint or iris scan would replace or augment the signatures that voters are already required to provide, but which are by no means attached to ballot papers.

“While we believe this is something that will happen at some point in the future, we just haven’t gotten there yet,” state Rep. Stephen Meeks (R) said, according to reports. journalists from the KPVI television channel.

It could be that Arkansas just needs a good consultant from somewhere who experiments with or even succeeds with biometrics-based identification.

Biometrics is used for elections in various countries around the world, including Kenya and Jamaica, but it is more often used for voter registration.

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