UIDAI Examines Selective Disclosure, Aadhaar Biometrics Authenticates 50 Million Transactions Per Day

Aadhaar’s issuing body, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), is currently considering “partial authentication” with the biometric system, according to the Times of India reports, or selective disclosure.

The organization will also seek to engage industry to support the development of such solutions, as well as those using blockchain and quantum computing, as well as faster biometric matching.

Speaking at the Indian Digital Summit 2022, UIDAI CEO Saurabh Garg said partial authentication would be particularly useful in scenarios where individuals need to provide information about their age or address, but nothing else. ‘other.

At the event, Garg also confirmed that more than 50 million Aadhaar authentications take place per day, as well as more than 400 million last mile banking transactions carried out each month through the Aadhaar Compatible Payment System (AePS). .

According to the CEO, this data is ideal for preparing the digital identification system for the “Aadhaar 2.0” vision, which should enable faster automated biometric matching solutions, as well as a better focus on ecosystem security.

“We have introduced and legalized an offline verification option for people who don’t want to use Internet authentication capability. Anyone can use offline verification for free, ”Garg said.

Upcoming versions of Aadhaar could also implement the aforementioned blockchain and quantum computing technologies, to offer decentralized solutions and enhanced security, respectively.

“We’re looking at what blockchain has to offer, if blockchain can be used in any way to provide decentralized level solutions, and that’s on the horizon,” Garg explained at the event.

“We are investigating cost-effective yet secure Aadhaar data wall solutions, as well as private computing as an authentication technique. We need to see if there are any robust quantum security solutions in quantum computing, ”concluded the CEO.

Aadhaar reached 1.26 billion subscribers in 2021, but also continued to face challenges from fraud.

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