UIDAI canceled six Aadhaars in double lakh; ‘face’ added for biometric verification: MoS, MeitY

Around six double lakh Aadhaars have been canceled by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Minister of State (MoS) for Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Rajeev Chandrasekhar informed Parliament on Wednesday 20 July.

Responding to a question about Aadhaar in the Lok Sabha during the ongoing monsoon parliamentary session, Chandrasekhar described the steps taken by UIDAI to address the issue of duplicate generation of Aadhaar and said that the authority statutory had added the “face” as an additional verification element. .

In his response, the minister said, “The demographic matching mechanism has been further strengthened, biometric matching of all new registrations is ensured, and ‘face’ has been included as a new modality (in addition to fingerprints and ‘iris) for deduplication.

In addition to deduplication, facial recognition is also used in Aadhaar to authenticate pension verification information. To date, this technology has been used to authenticate over 100,000 retirees. The improvements align with UIDAI’s increased efforts to make Aadhaar safer.

Earlier, while responding to a similar question in the Lok Sabha on illegal websites offering Aadhaar-related services, Chandrasekhar said that the UIDAI had issued notices to the affected websites.

Chandrasekhar said, “UIDAI has served notices to the owners of the affected websites to refrain from providing such unauthorized services by any means, and to hosting service providers to block the provocative websites with immediate effect.”

The Minister also said that up to 11 websites have been banned from offering these services since January 2022. He added: “These websites do not have the right to enroll a resident and modify biometric information or to link the resident’s mobile number in the existing Aadhaar. ”

Globally, Aadhaar is the largest digital identity program that hosts personal and biometric data relating to over 1.32 billion Indians. Under this, a unique 12-digit identity number is assigned to each citizen under which all data relating to the person is stored. It represents the largest personal information data repository in the world and therefore keeping it secure is of the utmost importance.

It has become one of the most important documents with a variety of practical uses. Since it includes both demographic and biometric information of an individual, Aadhaar is widely used across India as an identification document.

Recently, UIDAI launched the “Bhuvan Aadhaar” portal, a new service for Aadhaar card users. UIDAI created this portal with ISRO and MeitY. With the help of the portal, people can easily get information about nearby Aadhaar Center from the comfort of their home, without having to physically check nearby Aadhaar Centers.

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