UFOs over Connecticut: city-by-city sightings

CONNECTICUT — Since its founding in 1974, the National UFO Reporting Center has processed more than 150,000 reports of unexplained aerial phenomena in the United States. Based on a Patch survey of the data, nearly 1,800 of these sightings occurred over Connecticut.

The National UFO Reporting Center is a Washington state nonprofit and is not affiliated with any of the (increasingly politicized) government agencies tasked with tracking overhead.

The Center’s primary means of receiving sighting reports is its website, which has operated continuously since 1994. Previously, a telephone hotline and US mail were the primary means of taking reports.

The website and hotline are the go-to resources for law enforcement, the FAA, National Weather Service offices, military installations, NASA, and many 911 emergency dispatch centers across the country. If you call the cops to report a UFO, chances are their next call will be NUFORC.

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Connecticut has always been a UFO magnet, but which city gets the most ET action? Here is the state data, charted, going back over 50 years:

Norwalk (61 sightings) and Manchester (59) top the list, but there is a caveat. Entries from both cities include automated sky monitoring reports as well as human observations.

The sky monitoring technology is known as MADAR, for “Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording”. The network of monitoring nodes is triggered by rapid barometric and electromagnetic changes in the atmosphere – the traditional alien fingerprints. It can also be used to corroborate human observations. NUFORC tracks machine sightings right alongside reports captured by human eyeballs. Connecticut’s five MADAR nodes maintained in New London, Newington, Norfolk, Wallingford and Manchester have worked together for several years to run monthly skywatches in the state.

Beyond the group of sightings to be expected around MADAR sites in the state, there does not appear to be a geographic pattern in the reports. The highest number of sightings over a city not in close proximity to a robot observer is Milford’s 56.

And don’t get me wrong, Milford had traffic jams.

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Three residents reported seeing five “silver saucers” hovering over Long Island Sound near Walnut Beach on March 6, 2017 at 4:15 a.m. The sight lasted an entire hour.

On August 17, 2016, a Milford jogger and his neighbors say they saw a “giant projection screen between two flashing multicolored lights” above Bay View Beach. Witnesses reported “moving messages, circles to squares to blanks, etc.” One witness speculated about a “possible electromagnetic effect”, saying their iPhone 5 had been put on airplane mode during the visit.

Another Milford skywatcher reported a cohort of UFOs trying to send a message in the sky over Gulf Beach on August 25, 2013, around 6:30 p.m. Up to eight lights faded, moved side by side and formed “various formations.” The show lasted 45 minutes. Five other sightings over the course of two months in the same neighborhood would seem to indicate that Gulf Beach is a “A” list alien lair.

Lately, however, UFOs have been congregating a little further south, over Stamford. Since May 18, there have been eight separate reports of alien shenanigans above The City That Works.

It’s not the same crew either.

Stamford’s recent entries in the NUFORC database include eyewitness descriptions of a “bright grainy ball-shaped object”, “a metal flying saucer”, “a brightly lit flying sphere”, “a triangle of 3 spheres” and a “spaceship the size of a few soccer balls”. the fields.”

According to the account in the NUFORC archives, the visit to the grill-sized craft seemed almost biblical:

“The moon as a light appeared in the sky with 2 colored rings around it. The light had the letter U on it. There we are beams of light coming through this light. The light was attached to the huge spacecraft which was huge and encased in a thick cloud. The spacecraft was hovering at a place behind our building. There are smaller alien planes under the spacecraft…”

Our kind of party.

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