Top 5 gift ideas for car and bicycle lovers; both for him and for her

Diwali 2021 gift ideas: Top 5 gift ideas for car and bicycle lovers; both for him and for her

Diwali this year is expected to be slightly dull compared to other years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impacts. With the increase in new cases in many parts of the country, many state governments have issued guidelines restricting large gatherings. And the alarming level of pollution in the country will further limit the use of fireworks. But we all know there’s more to the Festival of Lights than these things. The spirit of Diwali extends beyond these means of celebration and will not affect the essence of the festival. So, it will always be cheerful as usual, with people exchanging gifts. And that brings us to the heart of this article: the freebies. If you know someone who is an automobile enthusiast, instead of the usual chocolates and candies, there are gift options that will earn you those brownie points. Let’s take a look at some gift options for bike and car enthusiasts this Diwali.


Giving a helmet to your riding friend will be a very thoughtful gift. Not only will this ensure safety in the event of an accident, but also increase the cooling quotient. From conventional open helmets to stylish motocross units, you can choose the gift for your car enthusiast friend / relative from a wide range of options. You can get motorcycle helmets in different designs and funky color patterns. But make sure you only choose ISI certified helmets. And in case you want to gift them an imported headset, then the sky is the limit.

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Another gift that is sure to be appreciated by your rider friend will be riding clothes and gear. From simple leather jacket to armored jacket and overalls, the list of gift options is directly proportional to your budget. You can also give someone riding boots and running shoes this Diwali. Besides that, you can also offer OEM branded clothing like caps, t-shirts, etc.


A dashcam is a small camera built into the windshield inside the car that records everything in the front and sometimes in the back of your car. Recording begins the moment you start the engine. Usually the footage is saved to an SD card which can be easily accessed sometimes later. It allows you to keep an eye on your vehicle remotely with options like geolocation, start alert, facial recognition alert, etc. It can also provide you with concrete proof if something is going on while driving and this is a major reason why dash cams are more and more popular now.

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Most auto enthusiasts are very particular (some even have an obsession) when it comes to keeping their cars clean. And you will be doing them a great service by providing them with a good quality car cleaning kit. These kits include cleaning items like microfiber cloth, liquid wax, car wash shampoo, dashboard dresser, tire dresser, windshield washer, vacuum cleaner, etc. Add a pressure washer (although it is an expensive affair) and you have designed a perfect gift for your friends or loved ones who like to keep their cars clean at all times.

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A scale model can be the perfect gift for car enthusiasts who like to collect such models. And if you can get your hands on a rare model then that’s even better. Scale models can be of various types, ranging from construction material (metal, plastic, etc.) and characteristics (opening doors, adjustable suspension, etc.). But if that’s not enough, you can always go for Lego sets with different levels of complexity. Some Lego sets contain thousands of pieces and putting them together to replicate a vehicle can be exciting for many.

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