The Sims 4 Finally Refreshes Spa Day Pack With Nail Art, Finally

The Sims 4 has received a bunch of DLC game packs and expansion packs over the years and now Maxis is coming back to give one of them a little more love. One of the first game packs, dating back to 2015, was Spa Day, which added things like yoga, meditation, and massages. Maxis doubled down on relaxation with new wellness aspirations, the chance to earn money in wellness concerts and, for the first time, real nail art. Here’s everything added to the pack, and a few items for the base game, next week.

The Spa Day refresh (the game pack DLC you’ll need to own to get most of these additions) introduces many new features, including new wellness-oriented aspirations for your Sims, the ability to earn the money in wellness concerts, facials masks, and oh yeah, nail polish thank goodness. They show it all in the new revamped Spa Day trailer here:

On the personality side, Sims may have the High Maintenance trait which will make them more likely to need or want things like manicures or massages to stay in a good mood. There are also three new aspirations: the personal care specialist who wants to monetize his wellness gigs, the Zen guru who wants to share wellness with the world through training, and Inner Peace who does that. a Sim who wants to use well-being is also personally positive. as possible.

In Live mode, there are also several additions. Sims can now take care of massage chairs and other wellness activities and earn money by teaching yogo classes or doing manicures. Children can participate in both of these activities as well, advancing their skills by practicing yoga and getting their nails done.

Oh yes, fingernails and toenails are now also two categories of props in Create A Sim. The base game has four nail sets, and more than when modders get their hands on stuff I’m sure. Modders added nails to The Sims 4 for years but it will be the first time that they will be officially customizable.

Maxis brought in one of these popular modders to design nails for spa day refreshment, even. Livestreamer and custom content creator “EbonixSims” created one of the nail sets and its samples for the pack. It’s the real fantasy set up there with different nail designs and shapes. Ebonix says she has taken all kinds of examples for her nail designs, including her own nails over the years.

You can take a closer look at all of the Spa Day update content and some more Ebonix thoughts on working with Maxis in the live developer or in the new game packs page.

The Spa Day Game Pack update arrives on Tuesday, September 7th.

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