The Identity Gap Hits This Week’s Top Biometric Stories

There’s a range of topics covered in this week’s roundup of FindBiometrics’ top stories, but if there’s one particularly prominent theme, it’s using digital identity to empower end users. individual.

This can be seen in Onfido’s efforts to help Ukrainians struggling with the impact of the Russian invasion. The company announced this week that it is allowing Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund to use its biometric onboarding platform for free to verify the identity of those to whom it provides aid, and that it waives user fees for its platform for everyone. Ukrainian customers during the conflict:

Onfido offers free identity services to support Ukraine

And in a lower-stakes example, this week also brought news from IDEMIA regarding its role in enabling functionality for Apple’s new Mobile ID platform. The Transportation Security Administration uses IDEMIA readers to scan the mobile credentials of iPhone users at the airport, helping to facilitate a digital identification process that allows border officials to verify the identity of travelers while protecting their privacy:

TSA’s Apple Mobile ID Readers are powered by IDEMIA technology

On that note, NEC offers a more general illustration of how biometrics can be used for these same purposes, not just at airports, but also in the office, at the DMV, and elsewhere. The company has released a new white paper titled “Bridging the Identity Gap”, which details how a centralized/decentralized hybrid approach to identity can effectively bridge the gap between our physical and digital identities:

NEC shows how to bridge the identity gap in new white paper

This is an issue that touches on a wide range of other topics in the broader biometrics discourse, and it is reflected in the various interviews FindBiometrics conducted at the recent ISC West event in Las Vegas. Naturally, readers showed keen interest in an article that compiled links to all of these interviews in one handy list:

ID Talk at ISC West 2022: Hear from the Identity Experts at the Biggest Security Show [UPDATED]

And finally, this week brought more news from the frontier of biometric surveillance. The Long Beach, Calif., Technology and Innovation Commission released a report calling on the city to suspend its use of facial recognition until the full impact of the practice’s ramifications can be properly understood. understood. It is not quite a question of asking for a definitive ban, but of creating a framework for evaluating the operation of such biometric systems:

The Long Beach Commission is pushing for a moratorium on facial recognition


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April 2, 2022 – by Alex Perala

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