The 10 Best Physical Comedy Moments, Ranked

The beloved six Friends are masters of physical comedy. They are often seen manipulating ordinary acts, such as moving furniture, attending dance classes, and announcing the news into completely hilarious and over the top physical gags.

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Monica, for example, often breaks into silly dance numbers and makes viewers laugh. Ross’ physical comedy techniques include a unique blend of word-emphasis placement, playful gestures and exaggerated facial expressions. It is undeniable Friends actors, among others, are revered for their impeccable acts of slapstick gags and comedic banter. So it’s not hard to ask which bits are the absolute best.

ten Joey’s Jazz Hands

Joey and the director watch their dance crew perform jazz hands in Friends

In “The One with All the Jealousy”, Joey lands a role in the musical version of A tale of two cities based on his false claim of formal dance training. In reality, he has two left feet and can barely pull off the basic dance moves.

Chaos ensues when the director leaves Joey in charge of teaching complex dance sequences to the team. They end up learning some weird Joey-style steps and end their game with a fun version of the jazz hand move. Before Joey can be held accountable, he flees the scene faster than a cheetah and leaves viewers wide open.

9 Phoebe’s tap dance

Phoebe smiling and dancing among the students during a tap class in Friends

When Monica decides to see the woman who stole her credit card, Phoebe and Rachel accompany her to the tap studio. At the bottom of the class, the three women are not allowed to sit idly by and are instructed to join in with everyone.

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Monica finds the heel-toe patterns difficult and Rachel is sorted with her rhythmic moves. Phoebe, on the other hand, is hilariously waving her arms. Her words, “I totally get it” combined with her bizarre body movements make the “tapping” even funnier than it already sounded.


8 The second dance from Monica’s interview

Monica Geller standing in her living room in Friends

Friends documents Monica Geller’s dancing skills throughout its 10 seasons. Viewers love the scene from “The One with Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss” when Monica bursts into a quirky little number to tell Rachel she’s gotten a second interview with Ralph Lauren.

Monica performs one of the funniest dances on Friends to cheer up his roommate Rachel who is having a hard time believing the news. Her fun dance moves combined with her personality make for a completely hilarious scene.

7 Chandler’s demonstration dance

Chandler dances around his apartment, unaware that Ross is standing behind him in the doorway in Friends

Chandler knows he’s a bad dancer and that sometimes puts him off dancing. In “The One with All the Wedding Dresses”, he tells Rachel that he prefers not to dance at weddings because it’s a great place to meet women and he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in their presence.

Chandler’s demo dance from the episode cemented her place in pop culture. It’s everything from being over the top to silly and entertaining. It is undeniable that viewers love it and replay it again and again.

6 Ross, leather pants and humidity

Ross watches his phone uses powder to pull up his leather pants in a bathroom in Friends

Ross is a hilarious slapstick comedian and his fight with an extremely uncomfortable pair of leather pants in “The One with All the Resolutions” is a prime example in that direction.

Ross gets his leather pants taped up his legs and of all places, this happens in his date’s bathroom. He calls Joey for help, who suggests using talcum powder to absorb some of the wetness and lotion for extra lubrication. Ross creates a mixture of paste and powder, and no matter how many products he uses, the pants don’t pull on. The scene turns into golden physical comedy and fans love watching it Friends scene again and again.

5 Joey’s Turkey Head

Joey gets his head stuck in a turkey at Monica's in Friends

It’s really fun to see Joey, the funniest member of the Friends group, get a Thanksgiving turkey stuck on its head. He thought it would be a good idea to use a turkey as a comedy prop, but finds himself in an awkward situation when it gets stuck.

Monica and Phoebe try to remove the turkey from Joey’s head but fail. The fun part is watching Joey having fun despite the foul smell and being airless. Joey’s half-human, half-turkey gag tickles the fun bones of fans until his day.

4 Ross skates around his class

Ross Geller skates around the classroom with a pointing stick in Friends

In “The One Where Joey Dates Rachel”, Ross is assigned to teach back-to-back classes in buildings far apart from each other. What does he do to get to class on time? He buys a pair of roller skates.

Ross skates around the class despite poor balance and breaks his pointer. His physical humor and mannerisms increase the replay value of the entire scene.

3 Ross eats a bad cookie

Ross Geller eats a bad cookie at Monica's in Friends

When Ross eats another of Monica’s bad batches of cookies, he yells, “It’s batch 16! 16 people! Get out of the way!” He covers his mouth with a tablecloth as he heads for the bathroom.

Once again, its dialogue, comic timing and physical comedy steal the show. Ross is later seen holding her midsection on Monica’s couch, which in itself is another subtle but hilarious discovery of Monica’s bad cookies.

2 Ross Elevator and Slide

Ross Geller asks his friends to lift his car on the street in Friends

Ross buys a sports car when she turns 30, but unfortunately for him, she finds herself stuck between two cars. Luckily for his fans, they are witnessing another brilliant physical comedy moment.

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Ross actually asks his friends to help him pick up and get the car out. All of his lifting and sliding talk combined with funny hand movements are the most memorable elements of the scene. Needless to say, Ross’ friends fail to lift the MGB Roadster and he is forced to give up.

1 Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!

The swinging couch scene and Ross’ screams from “The One with the Cop” are forever etched in fans’ hearts. Once again, the stingy of the group refuses to pay the cost of delivery of the sofa and relies on the muscular strength of his friends to transport it to his apartment. And yet again, they fail to meet his crazy demands and Ross finds himself in a sticky situation.

Ross’ swivel instructions are the culmination of the couch navigation idea. He shouts “Pivot!” over and over again until Chandler had to shut him up. Viewers love this classic physical comedy scene from the show and keep coming back to it.

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