Thales biometric payment card offers users increased security and convenience

Payment cards are familiar products that are part of our daily lives. They have evolved rapidly in recent years with the emergence of contactless technology. At the heart of this process, Thales has helped banks constantly reinvent the card itself and offer the best payment experience. This new card, which incorporates a biometric sensor, offers users increased security and comfort. This latest generation of cards represents a key step in the payment space.

The contactless biometric card simplifies proximity payments and also offers an essential level of confidentiality and trust. The user’s fingerprint data is loaded onto the card via a simple and secure personal enrollment process, carried out from home or at a bank branch.

In addition, none of the biometric details used for registration are shared with a third party; the fingerprint in the card chip is only used to provide local authentication of the card holder during contactless payment. Neither the merchant nor the bank have access to the biometric data as it remains securely stored in the card chip.

In terms of security, the biometric card ultimately means that a lost or stolen card is useless without the owner’s fingerprint to authenticate a contactless transaction. In such trustworthy payment environments, it is not necessary to set a payment limit. In addition, when the cardholder’s fingerprint cannot be used – such as with cash withdrawals from ATMs – the use of a PIN code is still possible as a fallback solution.

The Thales EMV contactless biometric payment card is the only solution in the sector fully certified by the main EMV payment systems such as MasterCard and Visa. After a series of successful trials around the world, the solution has been marketed in several countries.

“After a test of the Thales biometric payment card and its positive results, we have now opened the offer to all our customers with complete peace of mind. This premium solution addresses several challenges such as convenience, security and contactless. A simple but rigorous registration process has been put in place at the branch so that biometric data never leaves the card. This is an essential prerequisite because we take the privacy of our customers’ data very seriously, ”said Jean-Marie Dragon, Head of Payments and Cards, BNP Paribas.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the tech industry to develop contactless solutions and indirectly resulted in higher transaction levels being processed without a second factor of authentication. The biometric payment card allows contactless payment for any amount while preserving the confidentiality of this very personal data, ”said Bertrand Knopf, SVP Banking and Payment Solutions at Thales.

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