Teeth also have unique identification like fingerprints and DNA, helps identify body: Experts

“Just like our fingerprints and DNA have unique identification, our teeth also have unique identification. Teeth help in identification of the body in any accidental case or any case of presumed death,” said Dr Jaishankar Pillai, expert in forensic dentistry from Ahmedabad.

He was addressing the Forensic Dentistry Seminar organized by the Government Dental College on Sunday.

Dr. Pillai said that interest in forensic dentistry has increased among doctors and patients as it is a challenging field and it gives opportunity to treat different cases.

“Forensic dental science is important to the legal system because it helps identify the criminals in any case or identify the body. We can also know the age of anyone based on their teeth because each tooth has stages and we can calculate the age. Additionally, it can help identify the gender of any decomposing bodies,” he added.

Dr. Pillai also educated students on ways to make forensic dentistry a career during the seminar.

Likewise, Dr. Hemlata Pandey from KEM College Mumbai also discussed the emerging field of Forensic Dentistry and informed the students that this field is quite new in our country.

“We started talking about legal dentistry just 10 years ago. Many experts have undergone training in other countries and are in the process of implementing it in our countries. Students can opt for it if they want a thrill in their work and they can go for it instead of clinical dentistry,” Dr. Pandey said.

The Principal of Government Dental College, Dr. Deshraj Jain said that they conduct seminars to provide students with up-to-date knowledge in the field of dentistry which also helps them to choose their expertise.

A large number of students and teachers participated in the seminar.

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Posted: Sunday April 24th 2022, 3:18 PM IST

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