Tech5 Partners with Secure Substrate Manufacturer to Produce Chipless Biometric ID Documents

Swiss companies Tech5 and Landqart have joined forces to combine the former’s expertise in biometrics and digital identity management with the latter’s secure substrate manufacturing capabilities.

Landqart brings its Durasafe Certify paper-polymer composite substrate to enable the printing of secure digital identity documents with Tech5’s technologies for biometric registration, identity issuance and offline verification.

Durasafe Certify can incorporate security watermarks, threads, fibers, fully transparent windows and half windows for new security features, according to the announcement.

On the other hand, the partners say that inserting microchips into substrates to establish secure links between the document and its owner has yet to be perfected on a large scale from a cost point of view.

Tech5 encodes facial or fingerprint biometric data into a printable form, its T5-Cryptograph, for easy digital identity verification via a smartphone.

“Whether it is a fraudulent claim to a land title, vehicle ownership, diploma or professional certification, the consequences can be dramatic; we all want the certainty of knowing that the surgeon performing our operation is indeed qualified to do so,” comments Rob Haslam, Tech5 Strategic Advisor.

“By combining an innovative new substrate that is safer and more durable than any other available on the market, with state-of-the-art biometric encoding and verification capabilities, the partnership between Landqart and TECH5 brings to the certificate market an offering that leverages the latest technologies. and is truly fit for purpose in a world where fraud is on the rise,” says Richard Perera, director of marketing services at Landquart.

Tech5 has several partnerships that could eventually lead to large-volume identity document contracts, including the deployment of its biometric engine and T5 digital ID system on the MOSIP platform for Ethiopia.

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