German lighting company SUMOLIGHT has announced SUMOLASER, a daylight point source designed for cinema and broadcast applications, live events and architecture.

SUMOLASER is based on a new class of laser emitters, which can put a precision beam of light on a stage or shoot miles into the sky. Although weighing only 10.8 lbs / 4.9 kg, this new fixture is capable of producing outputs that can compete with traditional 18 kW HMI daylight sources weighing more than ten times as much. The laser module measures 8.03 x 7.65 x 7.56″ / 204 x 194 x 192 mm (HxWxL), and the Yoke-Mount and Control Box, spigot, 7-engine module together measures 18.9 x 11, 42 x 12.6″ (H x W x L) / 480 x 290 x 320mm. The front of the module measures 7.65″ / 194mm.

Each SUMOLASER includes a 7-motor laser module producing 3 degree beam angles that combine to form a tight beam seamless beam. If you combine multiple units together, the beam width increases but the angle remains the same. This allows for greater output and a fuller, fatter pencil beam.

SUMOLASER has a fixed color temperature of 6000°K and consumes 175W of power. It can produce 150,000 lux / 45,700 foot candles measured at 328 feet / 100 m.

SUMOLASER is fully modular, with individual units that come in a convenient hexagonal shape. Each fixture can be individually controlled via DMX or a local touchscreen, and they can also be integrated into custom combinations. The SUMOSNAP one-click quick-release connection system makes it easy and safe to combine multiple devices to create larger and more powerful networks. The fixture also uses a secure screwless interface so you can mount it to truss systems, standard junior pins, and other gripping hardware.

SUMOLASER is IP65 rated for safety compliance under all conditions, so it is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

There is currently no pricing or availability information. The SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER will debut at CineGear 2022 next week.

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