Stripe Launches Selfie Biometrics to Join Active Identity Verification Market

Stripe joins the remote biometric identity verification market, just as Idemia, TruNarrative and Yoti have signed new partners, and Accura Scan and Pass launched new technologies. continues to receive criticism for the slow processing of identity verification for benefit claims.

Launch of Stripe Identity

Stripe is entering the market for identity documents and selfie biometrics for identity verification, with a beta launch for businesses in 30 countries to help them comply with age restrictions and know the rules of your customer (KYC).

New Stripe identity The self-service tool returns results in 15 seconds or more, and the company says it can be implemented without code in “minutes.” Stripe receives the encrypted data to perform biometric verification, freeing businesses from data management. Stripe says the architecture has been developed over the years for its own use.

The company’s ad refers to “a live selfie,” and between that and the explicit mention of KYC, biometric alertness detection is presumably included.

Early customers include Discord, Peerspace and Shippo, according to the announcement.

“We know from experience how much work it takes to create a rigorous and secure global identity verification system,” said Delia Pawelke, head of global risk strategy and integration policy at Stripe. “With Stripe Identity, we make our advanced compliance infrastructure available to all of our users. For an online business, verifying someone’s identity is now as easy as accepting payment.

Stripe acquired mobile biometric software provider Touchtech Payments in 2019, apparently to support PSD2.

The company will reveal more details during its developer conference this week.

Client Idemia, TruNarrative, Yoti wins

Idemia has partnered with Reed Screening to move employers’ identity verification processes online so they can comply with UK ‘right to work’ requirements.

Home Office rules were suspended during the pandemic, but are about to come into force, requiring all employees to have their identity verified and their eligibility to work in the country verified. The regulations provide for a face-to-face meeting, with verification of identity documents and other checks.

Reed Screening offers pre-employment screening and the partnership with Idemia allows it to offer a remote identity verification service via the user’s smartphone.

TruNarrative’s biometric regtech platform has been selected by Dutch state casino operator Holland Casino to help them onboard customers with automated KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) travel.

The company provides biometric verification, affordability assessments, transaction and behavior monitoring through its API.

Holland Casino is among the first operators in the country to obtain a remote gambling license.

BitcoinPoint adopted Yoti’s selfie biometrics for KYC checks for easy access to cryptocurrency services through its app

The cryptocurrency company allows people to buy and sell Bitcoin online or in person at any of the 27,000 outlets with low service fees. Pre-existing Yoti users can pass KYC checks with their pre-verified identity in seconds, according to the announcement.

“We were looking for the best vendor in the market and Yoti had an ideal end-to-end solution,” says Benoit Marzouk, co-founder and CEO of BitcoinPoint. “We were also very impressed with Yoti’s existing network, which includes the leading ePOS Post and NCR supermarkets. “

Yoti’s biometrics will be implemented in BitcoinPoint’s app by the end of June.

Accura Scan launches counterfeit detection, Pass launches a mobile application

Accura Scan announced the launch of identity tampering detection technology to perform real-time document verification.

The new ID Forgery software can be integrated by Accura Scan customers into their existing systems to improve their security and data protection. The company offers the new capability along with its selfie biometrics, liveliness and digital KYC solutions.

The tool is available through SDKs for Android, iOS, and the web.

The new myPassID mobile application from Past is now available in the Apple App Store and will soon be available on Google Play to give users verified credentials. Registration only requires a phone number, but all features are unlocked with a driver’s license scan and biometric selfie.

myPassID provides QR codes that can be read by the hardware of the Pass Certify partner.

Slow claims call for less fraud protection

Fight for the Future is organizing a national campaign petition campaigning to call on states to stop using facial biometrics in their UI integration process, and specifically targeting, which provides its identity verification to many state governments. founder and CEO Blake Hall told the outlet that his company slashed tens of millions of dollars a week in fraudulent payments. A state official acknowledged that fraud is a serious problem, but said hasn’t stopped everything and argued that too many people are being denied benefits. Another representative suggested that the ability to prosecute people for fraud after the fact was sufficient, given the importance of making payments to those in need. The latter said he had received “a few hundred e-mails” on the issue in just a few days.

For some people, complaints take weeks or even months to process. according to an ABC Action News report.

“ is a trusted partner of the state and federal government to help mitigate the unprecedented spread of re-employment assistance fraud across the country,” said Secretary Dane Eagle of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity in a statement to the ABC affiliate. “’s services have been crucial in protecting the identity of Floridians, and we’re excited to hear that they will be adding additional staff here in Florida to help fight fraud and protect money from. taxpayers. “

Fight for the Future plans to send its petition, which collected 6,000 signatures in its first three weeks, to state lawmakers later this summer.

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