Rangers’ Eli White looks like a different player this spring – literally and figuratively – The Athletic

SURPRISE, Ariz. — As the players began to limber up, jog around the outfield and warm up, the assembled press began to take mental inventory. After all, it was the day before the first official practice of spring training, and with a 99-day lockdown just days away, there were things to watch out for. Who was missing – perhaps due to a previously unreported injury or an ongoing transaction? Who was there before the team announced his signing? (See: Matt Moore.) As the names rolled off the checklist, a mystery player ran about a hundred feet away, confusing the entire group, including a team public relations manager.

A reporter guessed it might be Zach Reks, but minutes later, Reks and the mystery gambler could be seen walking together, completely dismantling that theory. Eventually the reporters broke down, asking passing Nick Solak: Who was that guy walking with Reks? A tall, white guy with a beard.

“I think it was Eli White,” Solak said, unsure if we were talking about the same person.

We were.

“Yeah, there are a few people who had to double; I was able to sneak past a few people without them seeing me,” White joked on Tuesday. “It kind of happened naturally; I have always shaved every day. And then when I had surgery, I couldn’t really shave with my right arm. I didn’t know I could really grow facial hair, so two weeks after not shaving, I was like, “Oh, I have a little facial hair, let’s see what happens. with that”.

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