Railroad job aspirant peels skin off thumb to cheat biometrics

Government employment has been a priority for Indians for decades. It’s a matter of pride and lifelong financial security for the men and women of the country. However, it also caused many aspirants to take several desperate measures just like the man from Bihar who peeled off his thumb skin and stuck it on his friend’s thumb to cheat the biometrics.

Yes, you read that right. A railway District job candidate Munger removed the skin from his thumb with a hot pan and stuck it on his friend’s thumb. He did so in the hope that the latter would pass the biometric verification and appear for the recruitment exam at his home.

However, their plan fell through when the exam supervisor sprayed disinfectant on the proxy’s hand and the skin fell off before the August 22 test in the town of Vadodara, Gujarat.

On Wednesday, Vadodara Police arrested candidate Manish Kumar and his proxy Rajyaguru Gupta for cheating and forgery, Additional Police Commissioner SM Varotariya said.

Apparently both victims are in their mid-twenties and have passed the class 12 exam in the past.

According to the FIR registered at Laxmipura Police Station in Vadodara, a private company approved by the railways organized a recruitment test for vacancies in railway group “D” on August 22. More than 600 candidates showed up for the test at a building in Laxmipura area.

Varotariya said, “To prevent any sort of cheating, all applicants had to give their thumbprint, which was then matched with their Aadhaar data through a biometric device before the test. At that time, the device failed to register the thumbprint of a candidate named Manish Kumar despite repeated attempts.

Seeing the candidate trying to hide his left hand by repeatedly putting it in his trouser pocket, the supervisor became suspicious. But when the examiner sprayed disinfectant on his left thumb, the skin fell off, the official added.

The agency called the police as soon as the fabrication was discovered and filed a complaint under Sections 465 (false), 419 (cheating by impersonation) and 120-B (criminal association) of the Indian Penal Code .

According to the person who was caught at the scene, his real name was Rajyaguru Gupta and he came to take the exam on behalf of his friend Manish Kumar. Since he was good at studies, Manish came up with the idea of ​​sending Rajyaguru to take the recruitment test he applied for, building up an identity for himself.

The official said: A day before the test, Kumar put his left thumb on a hot pan which caused a blister on it. Kumar removed the skin using a blade and stuck it on Gupta’s left thumb, as he knew that a biometric verification would be carried out at the examination center to determine the true identity.

Both defendants have been arrested, police said.

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