Prison Break: NCoS Begins Harmonization of Inmate Biometrics


Prison Break: NCoS Begins Harmonization of Inmate Biometrics

Nigeria’s correctional service NCoS says it has devised a number of strategies to contain the wave of attacks on detention centers and neutralize any security threats.

The strategies, according to its spokesperson, Mr. Francis Enobore, include harmonization of inmate biometrics and strong strategic engagements with sister security agencies for reinforcement.

Other measures that the Service intends to deploy include asking the government to increase budgetary allocations and the continued recruitment of staff, the deployment of technology, the improvement of staff welfare and the strengthening of staff. capacities, as well as the upgrading of infrastructure.

Enobore, spoke in Abuja at a press conference with reporters covering the NCoS.

The Correctional Services spokesperson further noted that their unique brand of service which combines formal education and the acquisition of professional skills to reform inmates has continued to deliver outstanding results.

He said a total of 970 inmates are currently studying various courses at the degree, undergraduate and postgraduate level, including 5 at the doctoral level.

Enobore added that the activation of non-custodial measures has significantly reduced the influx of people into detention centers.

“From the start to date, around 31,963 juvenile offenders have served their sentences through non-custodial measures, reducing the prison population by that number.

“Another intervention is the virtual courtroom system presented to MSCC Kuje by the Federal Ministry of Justice to speed up the trial of suspects in custody,” he said.

Kidnapped schoolchildren

Yauri FGC students, Kebbi
197 days 8 hours 21 minutes 58 seconds,

Baptist school students, Kaduna
179 days 10 hours 3 minutes 23 seconds

Students of Tegina Islamiya, Niger (Released)

Spent 88 days from May 30, 2021 to August 26, 2021

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