Primark Launches New Summer Collection Featuring Pooh Bear Disney Must-Have Beauty Line

Primark has launched a wide range of new products, including a new Pooh Bear Beauty line, as part of the Disney collection.

Disney and Primark have teamed up to create a line of beauty products for the silly old bear. Previous collections include Beauty And The Beast which saw the Chip mug fly off the shelves. You can read about it here.

The product line includes a yellow headband with teddy bear ears to hold your hair while applying makeup / care, a teddy bear face shaped facial sponge, reusable decorated cottons, a stone roller and a white shower cap with illustrations of the characters among other products.

Teddy bear facial roller

Prices range from £ 2 and items are now available in Primark stores.

The Pooh isn’t the only new Disney item in the beauty department, as this new stock includes a Minnie Mouse lip care set and Little Mermaid shower cap, along with other Princess items such as tweezers and hairbrushes.

The Disney theme continues with another Disney print in store: the Mickey Mouse paisley print. Shaped in swirls and patterns, the outline of Mickey Mouse casually shows off in bardot crop tops for £ 8 and dresses for £ 10 as well as accessories like bags.

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The flowers are aimed at young girls, especially in the red and pink tones of the £ 3 basque vests and the £ 12 jersey camisoles. For the boys, it’s bright red Marvel sliders and polo neck T-shirts for £ 2.50.

This summer, Primark is targeting men with jazzy shirts ranging from block designs to Aztec designs to viscose designs, all for £ 9 each.

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