Precise and Infineon Partner to Bring Fingerprint Authentication to Smart Vehicles

Precise Biometrics partners with Infineon to expand its reach in the automotive market. In this regard, the two companies will work together to develop a new identity verification solution that combines Precise’s proprietary BioMatch fingerprint algorithm with Infineon’s cutting-edge semiconductor technology.

The joint offering will eventually be installed in smart vehicles to provide drivers with a more personalized in-car experience. The sensors would be used to verify the driver’s identity when they get behind the wheel, and that identity could be tied to that individual’s personal preferences. As a result, the car could automatically adjust the seat, mirrors and radio station, among other things. The driver could also use fingerprint recognition to log into various connected apps, including those associated with in-vehicle payment services.

Precise noted that Infineon has already established relationships with many equipment manufacturers. Infineon, meanwhile, believes the collaboration could eventually extend beyond the automotive sector.

“Collaborating with Precise forges a perfect combination of hardware and software,” said Ralf Koedel, senior director of product marketing for Infineon’s automotive division. “Together, we can provide ODMs with state-of-the-art solutions for driver authentication using biometric data. These will initially be used in the sports and luxury car segment. Gradually, however, a significantly larger market will develop here.

“We are pleased to partner with Infineon to enable tailored driver experiences in next-generation vehicles,” added Stefan Persson, CEO of Precise. “Together, we will work closely together to bring innovative technology to the market that strengthens the bond between humans and vehicles.”

The news comes just a week after Precise signed licensing deals with two unnamed automotive OEMs. Several automakers have now introduced cars with fingerprint-powered ignition systems, with the Toyota 2022 Land Cruiser and Genesis GV60 being among the most recent additions to the list.

January 14, 2022 – by Eric Weiss

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