Pixel 7 design leak gives us first look at Google’s 2022 smartphone

It’s mid-February, but the first rumors detailing Google’s 2022 flagship phone are already here. After a Pixel 7 leak offered the first notable details for the upcoming handsets, we’ve now leaked schematics showing the alleged design changes planned for the next-gen series. It may seem early, but new Pixel rumors tend to drop early in the year, as do new iPhone rumors. The difference is that pixel leaks are often very specific, as Google struggles to keep its secrets.

That said, there’s no way to verify this first Pixel 7 design leak, so you should treat it as an unconfirmed rumor. However, the phone you’ll see in the following diagrams certainly looks like what you’d expect from a Pixel 6 successor.

Pixel 6 legacy

The Pixel 6 represented a massive shift in Google’s strategy. The company decided to return to manufacturing flagships after the disappointment of the Pixel 5.

The Pixel 6 received a major design overhaul, with Google opting for a quirky look to give the phone its own identity. The company also began to heavily promote the phone. The ads came out long before the Pixel 6 launch event. And Google had its first retail store ready for the Pixel 6 release.

Besides its unique design, the Pixel 6 is also the first Google phone to come with a Tensor system-on-chip. It’s Google’s custom processor, a successor of which will power the Pixel 7. The Pixel 6 also introduced a triple-lens camera for the Pro model. And both phones featured punch-hole displays with in-display fingerprint sensors.

That’s all to say that we wouldn’t expect any major design changes to the Pixel 7 this year. On the contrary, Google will want to preserve the new Pixel identity by refining last year’s design. And if the new Pixel 7 leak is accurate, that’s precisely what Google is doing.

The images you see in this post are from Choose BestTechwho partnered with @xleaks7 to post the leaked renders. We’re looking at CAD renders for the Pixel 7 which indicate that Google will keep the Pixel 6 design in place for another year.

The first Pixel 7 design leak

The horizontal camera module is here to stay, along with the massive bump. Since the handset in the renders has dual rear cameras, it can only be the Pixel 7.

What’s interesting about the bump is that it seems to blend into the frame. It is not known if it is made of metal, like the chassis. But the source speculates that it might have the same color as the frame. The two camera lenses seem to pierce the material of the bump.

Comparatively, the Pixel 6 camera modules are black and made of glass.

Since we will inevitably be comparing the Pixel 7 to the Pixel 6 design, there is another interesting detail in this leak. We have the actual dimensions of the Pixel 7: 155.6 x 73.1 x 8.7mm. The thickness doesn’t account for the camera bump – you get 11.5mm when you add it. But the dimensions indicate that the Pixel 7 will be slightly more compact than its predecessor, which measures 158.6 x 74.8 x 8.9mm.

Finally, the Pixel 7 CAD design files indicate that the phone will have a 5G antenna at the top. As for the screen, expect it to feature a punch-hole camera and an under-screen fingerprint sensor. Google is already researching technology that will allow it to place the camera under the display, but it’s unclear when it will be ready.

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