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Andrew Neil warns of ‘problems’ with climate change spending

In an act of the most grotesque virtue signaling abject financial illiteracy, Labour’s shadow climate secretary Ed Miliband has endorsed one of the craziest ideas of all time – paying untold millions to countries like the Maldives and Pakistan for the damage they have suffered. by climate change caused by the industrial revolution.

Their silly argument is that, as the UK has been one of the countries that has benefited the most from progress in all these years, we should now dig deep to say sorry.

And that, remember, from the politician whose doomed slant to run the country disintegrated into shambles with the production of the “Ed Stone” farce starring the promises of a party that had so many chances of forming a government than Pride to organize a demonstration on the main street of Qatar.

In truth, the fact that this came from someone who made eating a bacon sandwich as complex as tackling a Sunday roast with chopsticks should really surprise no one. What is truly shocking are the other lame, environmentally obsessed politicians who are totally in thrall to the Green Brigade.

Appearing on my LBC breakfast show, newly installed Business Secretary Grant Shapps answered my question of whether he was backing her up with a bunch of word salad gibberish, talking about “discussions” and ” reviews”.

What was needed was a definitive and immediate rejection. Even if someone gave this nutty notion something more substantial than a passing glance, the holes are as obvious as they are in a piece of Swiss cheese.

How to determine the amount of repairs? How should the supposed culpability of the UK of past centuries be calculated against the staggering carbon output of countries like India and China today?

Miliband supported the idea of ​​payments for climate change (Image: Getty)

We need to better understand what the industrial revolution brought to these countries.

How about the fact that their economies were boosted immensely by the arrival of such advancements as railways, engines, factories, and even medicines?

This has helped fuel many countries that have “suffered” from the economic desert and provided viable economies. People were able to work and move away from total dependence on agriculture or fishing.

After a brief lull and presumably the use of a battery-powered calculator, campaigners came up with a figure deemed appropriate: £1 trillion. Yes, that would be £1,000,000,000,000.

Few, if any, of us need remind ourselves that we are entering some of the trickiest financial straits that many of us will ever have to navigate in our lifetime. We are £50billion in the hole and next week we expect higher taxes and lower public spending to be the medicine we feel we have to swallow.

The results are predictable. Many will struggle to pay their mortgages and some may return their keys to the bank.

The elderly and vulnerable will find their lives in danger due to their understandable fear of turning on the heating.

More children will need free school meals because they will have little food at home.

Food banks will be flooded with people desperate to survive. And the nation is likely to suffer a wave of strikes the likes of which have not been seen since the dark days of the bid for union power in the 1970s.

Someday in the future (because there will be a future, despite the catastrophists’ predictions), people will look back in amazement at how the way we lived our lives has been hijacked by this green lobby.

While we need to do everything we can to fight climate change, bankrupting the nation to make a few cheated liberals feel better about themselves isn’t helping anyone.

Sean meets his Ukrainian pal Penn

An estimated 40,000 conceited and pretentious politicians, business leaders, lobbyists and delegates sought to restore their green credentials by flying to Egypt for the ridiculously overrated talking cop shop that was Sharm el-Sheikh.

In the process, they put the same tonnage of carbon emissions into the atmosphere that 10,000 households produce for ONE ENTIRE YEAR!

This postural elite is on the same plain (or should it be flat?) as those egocentric pop stars who endlessly teach us about the need to take care of the planet before flying off to the south of France to charter a yacht which burns the equivalent of an entire oil tanker just to get out of port.

Credit then to the American actor and activist Sean Penn who, during the filming of a documentary in Ukraine, managed to meet President Volodymr Zelensky and offer him a unique exchange.

Penn, 62, lent Zelensky one of his best actor Oscars as a “symbol of faith” adding “when you win, take it back to Malibu.” In return, he received the country’s Order of Merit.

He’s a real “friend of Penn.”

Sean Penn and Zelensky

Hollywood actor Penn met the Ukrainian president for a documentary (Image: Getty)

The Home Office is failing us

Gradually, the truth about the mind-boggling level of incompetence in the Home Office continues to trickle out. Two weeks ago it was revealed that while the French can process asylum or refuge applications in just six months and the Italians in nine, it takes us between 18 months and two years.

Last week we learned that the Home Office had the second lowest level of staff behind its desk after Covid – incredibly just 54% – of any ministry.

This “work from home” does not work and must be resolved immediately.

The police crossed the line with our reporter

It was at my request that LBC reporter Charlotte Lynch went to cover an environmental protest on the M25 last week, which saw her spend seven hours in police custody after being wrongfully arrested.

The response from Hertfordshire Police has been amateurish and aggressive. She was handcuffed, her phone snatched from her hand, taken to Stevenage Police Station where her mouth was taken for DNA and her fingerprints taken.

As I have said many times, we are fortunate to have what is above all a wonderful corps of brave men and women who serve in our police force. But this unnecessary and illegal action must serve as a stark warning that any intention to strengthen already considerable police powers must be watched very closely.

Charlotte Lynch on LBC

Lynch was arrested while reporting on a Just Stop Oil protest (Image: LBC)

The World Cup in Qatar is a disgrace

The Qatar World Cup starts in a few days. Still, we’re now learning that many top-flight managers don’t want it to be played out there and most players agree.

A deranged ‘ambassador’ for the games has the most insulting views imaginable on gay people and even former Fifa boss Sepp Blatter – the grinning idiot who heralded the most shameful episode in sporting history – agrees that was a “mistake”.

So how did they get it?

Replies in plain brown envelopes, please…stuffed with dollars.

Hancock the laughing stock

While it alone could lift the nation’s spirits and provide perhaps as many laughs as all of Peter Kay’s upcoming tour, there’s another side to Matt Hancock’s calamitous decision to go to the jungle.

He has three children. Imagine watching your father – or even hearing about him – turn into a national laughing stock. A family name can rarely have been more appropriate.

Matt Hancock during a food trial

Hancock’s stint in the jungle sparked controversy (Picture: ITV)

Wine of the week

The name might derive from the Italian for “mist”, but the value and quality of this wine is as clear as crystal. The Wine Society’s Nebbiolo is a fine example at £13.95.

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