Passwordless login and mobile ID are key in this week’s top stories

This week’s top stories on Mobile ID World are about secure login and mobile ID technology.

On the first front, One Identity grabbed readers’ attention with its announcement that it had successfully integrated One Login’s secure authentication technology into its broader identity and access management portfolio. The development comes after One Identity acquired One Login last October:

One identity strengthens the security platform with a single login technology

Popular password manager app LastPass also spent some time in the spotlight this week thanks to news that it enabled password-less biometric login for users of its LastPass Authenticator solution. Rather than using a Master Password to access their various other credentials, users can now unlock their LastPass Vault using a face or fingerprint scan:

LastPass enables biometric login through the Authenticator app

And in perhaps the biggest authentication news of the week, Apple unveiled a new solution called Passkeys at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Passkeys are designed to store a unique code for each of a user’s online accounts which is stored locally on the user’s device. When a user attempts to access a given account, they can perform a simple biometric scan using Touch ID or Face ID, rather than entering a password or other credentials:

Apple’s new ‘passkeys’ tie login credentials to device biometrics

When it comes to mobile ID technology, Thales shed some light on the attitudes of European Union citizens this week. The bloc is asking member states to offer their citizens digital ID wallets through pilot schemes starting next year, so consideration should be given to the expectations of the citizens to whom they will be presented – and it seems that security is a major concern for many of them:

Thales survey sheds light on attitudes towards mobile ID in the EU

And on the private sector side, The Investing and Saving Alliance (“Tisa”) in the UK has caught the eye by announcing that it is preparing to launch a pilot program this year for its own digital identity service focused on financial services. The overall aim is to provide an interoperable digital ID that consumers will be able to use across all major UK financial service providers:

UK Identity Providers Support Tisa Digital ID Program


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