Passwordless authentication market to reach $6.6 billion by 2025

The passwordless authentication market could reach $6.6 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 31.1% over 2020 figures.

The analysis comes from a new report from KuppingerCole, which claims that more passwordless systems are being adopted as multiple vendors sell competing products in various industries.

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These vendors drive the market forward by providing a consistent login experience across devices, introducing seamless user experiences, including built-in authentication approaches, and ensuring that no passwords or password hashes password does not circulate on the networks.

Many of these companies have also developed specialized risk-based passwordless products and services that integrate with customers’ on-premises identity and access management components and support the migration of legacy applications to systems. modern authentication.

KuppingerCole’s new data is bolstered by integrations and partnerships that select passwordless vendors announced or entered into this week.

1Kosmos integrates with DaVinci from Ping Identity

The first of these is 1Kosmos, which announced a collaboration that will allow Ping Identity customers to implement identity-based biometric authentication and passwordless access using 1Kosmos’ BlockID for employees, customers and citizens.

Additionally, the partnership will see 1Kosmos join Ping Identity’s Global Technology Partner Program.

“1Kosmos is committed to providing seamless, passwordless identity verification solutions that support an organization’s existing identity infrastructures, including partner solutions such as PingOne DaVinci,” said Javed Shah, vice president of product management for 1Kosmos.

The integration comes weeks after 1Kosmos won an Innovator Award at Sinet16.

Transmit Security MFA available on AWS Marketplace

Identity provider Transmit Security also announced an integration this week, with its multi-factor authentication and account protection services now available on Amazon’s Web Services Marketplace (AWS).

Transmit Security is also an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network. Integrating its biometric selfie technology with liveness detection and government document verification will help businesses create secure and smoother identity experiences.

“We are proud to extend the services AWS provides to product teams, providing them with additional features that make it faster to open new accounts and easier to sign in with access keys or other strong authentication methods. while protecting customers from account takeover and other threats. “, explains Niv Goldenberg, product manager at Transmit Security.

Transmit Security updated its passwordless biometric authentication suite in August, also announcing financial growth.

FusionAuth now supports WebAuthn passwordless biometrics

The final integration announced this week comes from FusionAuth, a developer-focused authentication platform.

The company said it will start supporting passwordless biometric login using WebAuth, allowing developers to build software with built-in fingerprint and facial recognition capabilities. These will be available directly on mobile and wearable devices without the need for installed apps.

“Developers and SaaS vendors are already using FusionAuth to securely authenticate millions of their end users,” says Brian Pontarelli, CTO and Founder. “We just gave them a simple option to use biometrics and eliminate the risk of password theft.”

WebAuthn is a World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance standard for passwordless login.

Certification testing for FIDO standards was also discussed during a presentation at Authenticate 2022 last week.

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