New Lenovo ThinkBooks feature FPC fingerprint sensors

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has won a major customer for its dedicated PC fingerprint sensor solution. In this regard, the company revealed that its sensors will appear in the power buttons of Lenovo’s new ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 G4 laptops.

While FPC has already provided sensors for Lenovo handsets, the new ThinkBooks will be the first Lenovo laptop models to feature FPC fingerprint technology. The company hopes the deal will lead to a bigger share of the PC fingerprint market, as Lenovo accounted for around a quarter of all global PC shipments as the world’s largest PC maker in 2021.

The size of the overall PC market has also increased dramatically during the pandemic. About 270 million computers were shipped in 2019, and that number grew to 350 million in 2021 as more people started working remotely. FPC estimates that 350 million will be the new normal for the PC market in the future, and has suggested that more than 80% of these devices will eventually come with a fingerprint sensor. Around 20% of PCs are currently equipped with a sensor, but FPC expects the technology to become more popular and integrated at a rate comparable to that seen in the smartphone industry.

FPC’s fingerprint sensor can be deployed as a Match on Host solution that processes biometric data in the computer’s processor, or as a Match on Chip solution that stores all biometric data separately. The former is intended for consumer devices with a single user, while the latter offers a higher level of security for business PCs. Both are compatible with the Windows Hello authentication system, although only the Match on Chip solution is on Microsoft’s Approved Vendor List (AVL) for enhanced Windows Hello login security.

“There is a strong positive trend in the demand for biometric authentication on PCs, which this launch illustrates,” said Ted Hansson, president of FPC Mobile, PC and Access China. “Fingerprints is very well positioned in this segment, and we expect to be able to announce further product launches with our PC solution in the near future.”

FPC’s PC sensor solution has already been featured in laptops from Dell and Honor. Lenovo, meanwhile, put a Synaptics sensor in its ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop in March 2021.

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