New biometric card partnerships for Idex Biometrics, Sentry Enterprises

Idex Biometrics has entered into a new partnership with eSignus that will see the companies jointly develop and market biometric cards for passwordless digital authentication and crypto asset wallets.

The solutions resulting from this partnership, slated for launch in 2023, will combine sensor technology from Idex Biometrics with smartphone-powered, non-cloud hardware wallet capabilities provided by eSignus.

“Idex Biometrics captures the growing demand for digital authentication, and our collaboration with eSignus creates new opportunities for biometric smart cards,” said Vince Graziani, CEO of Idex Biometrics.

“Partnering with eSignus to enable mass adoption of our high-performance biometric technology solutions will provide customers with new ways to protect digital assets and benefit from secure offline user experiences.”

Idex also announced last week a collaboration with what the company describes as one of the largest semiconductor suppliers in Europe, to further support its biometric card ambitions.

“eSignus places great importance on this new strategic collaboration with Idex Biometrics,” said Daniel Hernandez, CEO of eSignus, commenting on the news.

“We are seeing strong demand in the digital authentication market and for our HASHWallet solution, which facilitates the adoption of Web3 and digital assets,” adds Hernandez, nearly a year after eSignus partnered with TrustSec and CardLab to develop a biometric authentication solution for hardware wallets.

“Using a biometric hardware wallet to authenticate login and access private keys improves user experience, removes the need for PINs and passwords, and mitigates the risk of hacking.”

Sentry Enterprises Partners with AlertEnterprise on Cyber-Physical IAM

Sentry Enterprises has entered into a new partnership with AlertEnterprise to provide SentryCard as part of its identity access management (IAM) and security solutions.

Combining SentryCard’s biometric capabilities with AlertEnterprise’s Guardian cyber-physical IAM platform will enable enterprises to provide employees with non-transferable credentials.

“With FIDO2-compliant SentryCard, we will help enterprises add an extra layer of identity authentication and apply it in a converged cyber-physical approach for computing and physical access,” said Yogesh Ailawadi, vice -Senior President of Enterprise Product and Solutions Engineering.

Additionally, compliance and policy enforcement across facilities and physical access control systems will be automated through the rules engine powered by Guardian AI.

Sentry Enterprises and AlertEnterprise have also confirmed that the joint solutions can be integrated with existing door hardware and readers, thus not requiring the replacement of physical access control infrastructure.

“SentryCard has been designed to meet IT, OT and physical security access requirements and in partnership with AlertEnterprise, the platform leaders in this area will bring tremendous value to our customers,” said John Calzaretta, President of Sentry Enterprises.

The companies are currently offering a live demo of SentryCard and Guardian at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) conference.

The joint solutions were also reportedly tested for a US Fortune 500 financial services company and delivered “immediate results” with a successful phase one deployment.

The partnership with AlertEnterprise comes weeks after Sentry Enterprises appointed Mikhail Friedland as Chief Technology Officer.

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