Mobile ID, biometric cards, Apple Watch Tech and more: This week’s top stories

This week’s roundup of top stories from Mobile ID World features a variety of topics covering biometric payment cards, automotive voice assistant technology, wearable technology and, of course, mobile ID news. .

The latter is the most important, thanks to a few popular stories. Most important is news from last week that the Transportation Security Administration is quietly preparing to launch support for Apple iPhone-based digital IDs starting next month. Given Apple’s critical role in catalyzing a number of important trends, from smartphone fingerprint scanning to ‘face unlock’ systems, its support from the TSA is a big deal. and naturally continued to pique the interest of Mobile ID World readers this week:

TSA plans phased rollout of mobile ID support starting in February

Looking more broadly at the rise of the mobile ID concept, this week brought more news via Yoti. The company announced that it would provide digital ID cards for high school students in Auckland, New Zealand, thanks to a new partnership with Auckland Transport. The cards will allow students to store digital versions of their student card on their mobile devices:

Yoti provides digital IDs to Auckland students

As for biometric payment cards, Zwipe caught the eye this week thanks to the Central Bank of Iraq offering official endorsement to the biometric card specialist. “We encourage banks to pilot Zwipe’s innovations, evaluate end-user feedback, and bring biometric payment cards to Iraq in 2022,” said the bank’s chief executive, Duha Al Atta:

Central Bank of Iraq endorses Zwipe for financial innovation

Meanwhile, in the world of automotive technology, electric vehicle specialist NIO has selected Cerence’s voice interaction technology for use in the infotainment system of its upcoming ES8 SUV. Drivers will be able to use the voice interface to perform simple commands and adjust various settings:

NIO brings Cerence voice technology to new electric SUV

And finally, some news from Apple’s continuous innovation efforts when it comes to its smartwatches. Not good news: A new report from a top industry analyst suggests the tech giant is still years away from successfully implementing sensors to monitor blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature in its Apple Watch wearable devices:

Apple Watch is still years away from monitoring glucose, blood pressure and temperature: report


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