Lystloc Launches Seamless AI-Powered Contactless Lystface Facial Presence App


Lystloc, the leading field force management app, is launching a new AI-powered facial presence app named Lystface. Mr. Bharathkumar Annamalai, CEO of Lystloc is a firm believer that technology should help people advance. Keeping this in mind, Lystface is also designed as a simple and user-friendly app like Lystloc. It will help businesses improve their productivity and revenue.

Lystface provides employees with a safe, secure, and fast presence experience. An Android phone can be converted into a facial attendance device and it acts as a presence system for your entire staff.

Attendance Management Challenges Facing Small Businesses

Workers in small industries, construction workers and other everyday bets have limited exposure to technology. So employers are using the age-old methods of manual attendance or, in some cases, they are also using biometrics. But there are some limitations to these methods:

There is a greater possibility of human error in manual data entry methods and if employee working hours are incorrectly recorded, this is also reflected in salary calculations.

Having an inefficient and outdated attendance system will be inefficient and affect the productivity needed to sustain the business.

Manual methods require constant monitoring as there are risks of false entries or multiple entries by employees.

After the pandemic, the practice of many people touching the same fingerprint sensor is not safe because there is a high risk of infection. Any system that needs to be shared with multiple employees should be avoided.

Biometric systems or manual methods are very time consuming for setup, data entry and processing.

Lystface – Your new secure presence partner

Lystface overcomes all the challenges faced by previous manual methods with its amazing features.

Accurate, AI-powered attendance capture eliminates the risk of human error. Precise 3D capture technology scans the user’s face and records it for the first time. No false participation is possible because only registered users are allowed to access it.

Lystface’s location-based facial presence and geofence features allow you to easily restrict the presence search to a particular location.

The Safe, No Touch method is the need of the hour. The Lystface Facial Presence Method is a completely non-contact process. Say goodbye to those unhygienic biometrics and ID cards.

Analytics and reports are very important for making important business decisions. Lystface reduces the burden of huge manual work by providing you with accurate and automated analytical reports and hence valuable business insights. Attendance, login and logout times, total working hours or any other custom format you need can be created.

Payroll processing is simple and error-free with Lystface as attendance and working hours are accurately captured. It saves you time and effort when processing payroll for all your employees by integrating with your existing human resource management system.

Door access control using Lystface will help you restrict access to important places like inventory, stores, etc. In such cases, only people you authorize will be able to access these rooms by scanning their faces.

As you all know, Lystloc has established itself as one of the leading workforce management apps in the field with over 3000 companies using it successfully for years. Now they are launching their new product Lystface and it will no doubt be as amazing as Lystloc. Now you are just one device away from a secure, contactless attendance system. Lystface app is now available on playstore and lots of cool feature updates and API integrations are also planned in the future.
Happy Lystface!

To learn more about Lystface, visit the official website

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