LightEdge Chooses Modern Biometric Contactless Access from Invixium

Invixium, a manufacturer of innovative contactless biometric solutions, has been selected by LightEdge Solutions as the standard for its access control solution.

The system has been implemented in multiple LightEdge data centers in the Midwestern United States to manage access for hundreds of people, including data center employees, tenants and visitors to each site.

Invixium IXM TITAN

Prior to modernizing its access control, LightEdge used a manual geometry-based system to activate visitor cards, both as part of their check-in process and to secure critical areas with hand traps.

To update the system, LightEdge chose the Invixium IXM TITAN for its combination of hermetic access control and sophisticated design. A high-security biometric solution, IXM TITAN combines multi-biometric capabilities and sleek construction, with an all-aluminum body and 5.0-inch LCD screen to display authentication instructions.

Additionally, the new solution is compatible with LightEdge’s existing RS2 access control software and SEOS HID cards, helping data centers leverage their current investment in technology. The installed system is integrated with AccessIt! by RS2 Technologies and has replaced hand geometry and card readers at two of LightEdge’s seven locations so far.

Benefits of access control with IXM TITAN

The overall benefits for LightEdge of migrating to access control with IXM TITAN include:

  • Future-oriented security: Biometrics provides the highest possible level of security and contactless facial recognition like that offered by the IXM TITAN project, an outward appearance of future focus and sophistication.
  • Seamless Transition: Integration with RS2’s access control software ensures a smooth transition from LightEdge’s previous biometric solution to Invixium’s solution, so employees and visitors can enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Sophisticated Design: IXM TITAN’s overall design, with an aluminum body and large IPS LCD display, evokes an image of design awareness and elegance for users.
  • Standardized Support: Standardization on Invixium and RS2 allows LightEdge’s centralized IT and security teams to better support each data center.

Security expertise with exquisite design

Uncompromising security is part of Invixium’s DNASaid Shiraz Kapadia, CEO and President of Invixium.

IXM TITAN Continues To Provide High Security Solutions To Protect LightEdge Customer From Theft

We understand that data centers like LightEdge need high security solutions to ensure their customers that their information and assets are protected against theft. IXM TITAN continues to deliver this and more with our security expertise and exquisite design that perfectly meets the demands of our most forward-looking customers.. “

Biometric security

LightEdge requires uncompromising security. Biometrics help us ensure the high level of precision that we demand from our access control system.

“Our direct relationship with Invixium gives us tailored support from a company large enough to meet our needs, but also intimate enough to be very personal. Standardization on RS2 and Invixium helps us ensure that our system meets our values ​​of high security, modernity and futuristic design.“said John Martin, director of data center operations at LightEdge Solutions.

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