Liberia: No Contract Awarded – NEC Chairman Speaks on Biometrics Supply Contract

Monrovia – National Electoral Commission Chairperson Ms. Davidetta Brown-Lansannah said the Commission did not award the contract to supply biometric materials and equipment for the 2023 elections.

According to her, the comparative audited income statements of each of the bidders show that only Ekemp/INITS/Palm and Laxton have implemented such a valuable project in the past two years.

She said Laxton had not provided audited financial statements for the past year (2021), which is a requirement in standard bidding documents. Laxton only provided financial statements for fiscal years 2020 and 2019 and did not provide audited financial statements.

In addition, Laxton has expressed a condition as to its ability to pre-fund.

“The NEC did not and did not award a contract to the recommended bidder or any other bidder in this matter. Further, the original report shows that only Ekemp/Inits/Palm and ESI made it to the stage final evaluation.

In its defense of the applicability of the Public Procurement Act, it also stated that Section 27 of the Public Procurement and Concessions Act empowers the NEC Procurement Committee to establish tender evaluation committees. offers.

The Procurement Committee has constituted a Bid Evaluation Committee – composed of five NEC employees – to evaluate the bids received for the supply and delivery of biometric equipment and software (ICB No. NEC/VRPLE/ICB /001/2022) regarding contract 2022/2023 voter registration exercise.

The evaluation committee worked for approximately three weeks, during which it examined the bidders’ ability to pre-finance, technical responsiveness, portability of their equipment, ability to print registration cards on site – galloping registration, past performance, delivery time, cost and other requirements.

“The evaluation committee, unanimously, elected the EKEMP/INITS/Palm joint venture as the most responsive bidder and, on August 26, 2022, submitted its report and recommendation to the NEC procurement committee , composed of five members. The NEC Chairman said.

Article 27 of the Procurement Law stipulates that the procurement committee of a procuring entity shall receive the reports and recommendations of the tender evaluation committee and make recommendations for the award of the contract.

“After receiving the evaluation committee’s report, the NEC procurement committee reviewed the standard bidding documents; each bidder’s proposal, and concluded that the committee’s report was supported by the dossier, standard bidding documents and law, procurement The Committee, by unanimous vote, approved the report and recommendation of the Evaluation Panel.

“The original report shows, among other things, that only Electoral Services International (ESI), the Professional Services Inc./HID Global joint venture and the EKEMP/INITS/Palm joint venture met the pre-funding requirement.”

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