Karben Wallet Review: Best High Quality Fiber Wallet

What is the Karben Wallet?

Data theft and its serious consequences are becoming increasingly common. Someone takes someone else’s data and uses it to place orders and commit other crimes that cost the original owner dearly. In addition to ID card data, credit card data is repeatedly collected and used for malicious purposes. However, there are more and more devices capable of protecting against it. An RFID device in the wallet, for example, is one such possibility. But these are not always as effective as the manufacturer promises. If you want the right protection, you usually have to pay a little more to get a high quality product. That’s why today we present the Karben Wallet. This is a wallet of a different kind, which not only looks great in every trouser pocket, but also offers sufficient protection against data theft.

Wallet manufacturer Karben describes its product as a minimalist RFID-blocking wallet that is not only made of high-quality aluminum, but also has much better properties than other products of this type. The manufacturer also highlights the following features:

  1. up to 12 cards possible
  2. made of high quality carbon fiber plates from the military sector
  3. money clip with elastic strap included
  4. Built-in RFID blocking
  5. with additional carrying loop for the key fob

In addition, the manufacturer indicates that additional self-adhesive labels are included in the delivery. These can be used to clearly sort the cards contained in the Karben wallet. In this way, the wallet becomes an indispensable item for many people that they always like to have with them. Safety is a top priority for the product and it can perform better than its leather counterpart. Therefore, everyone should take a look at the Karben Wallet. Moreover, it can easily be put in the back pocket. Unlike leather models, the Karben wallet does not bulk them up. The other wallet is designed to be flat and you hardly feel it at all. (The following links in this article are affiliate links. This allows the author to earn a small commission when purchasing the product. However, the price does not change).

Karben portfolio Rating and recommendation

We would like to recommend the Karben wallet to others, because the wallet protects the owner well. Thanks to its technical characteristics, it offers good RFID protection and is protected against data theft. Many users were convinced by the Karben wallet and had an equally positive impression of the wallet as we did in our test. With the Karben wallet everyone gets a high-quality model that has the necessary quality and with which you can carry up to 12 cards. They are conveniently packaged, fit in your pocket, and offer better protection than leather wallets. Therefore, we rate it positively and are happy to recommend it. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Technical information about the Karben wallet

The manufacturer only provides brief information on technical facts. Nevertheless, you can get a good idea of ​​the product based on the information provided. Here we have summarized for you what you need to know about the Karben Wallet.

  • It is made of high quality carbon fiber found in the military.
  • The base frame is made of aluminum and is therefore of high quality.
  • The construction is very resistant.
  • RFID protection protects the owner from possible data theft.
  • It is flatter than any leather wallet.
  • It is scratch resistant, does not pick up fingerprints and protects its contents well.
  • It can hold up to 12 cards and cash.
  • It slips into any trouser pocket.

General Karben Wallet Reviews

While we were researching, we naturally also looked for other reviews that could give us even more information about the Karben Wallet. Most of the testimonials we could find were extremely positively written and therefore could support what we had already discovered during our test. Most people like to travel with the Karben wallet and use it like a normal wallet. Besides the RFID protection, many were also happy to just put it in their back pocket, as they are used to with a leather model. For some, the fact that they couldn’t carry coins was a bit of a negative. The rest, however, convinced most users across the board. In addition to cards, it is quite possible to carry banknotes. Thus, the Karben wallet has become an optimal alternative for them.

Where can I buy the Karben wallet?

It is best to order directly from the manufacturer, who not only facilitates the ordering process, but also offers offers. First, it is important to visit their homepage and select one of the offers. Then one can finally enter the data in the order form, which is certainly done quickly. All you have to do is choose the payment method you want to use to pay for the Karben wallet. In addition to Paypal, the manufacturer also offers credit card options. When you have completed the ordering process, you will receive an email containing all of your order details. This allows you to track your order at any time. Subsequently, an e-mail is also sent when the package is delivered. So you can always calculate when it will arrive.

Now on to the offers: they’re only available for a limited time, so you should take advantage of them as soon as you get the chance. They are designed in such a way that you do not get just one Karben wallet model, but several. So if you have a lot of cards, multiple versions of the wallet are recommended. The offers are designed in such a way that you pay a little more overall, but if you calculate how much you pay per model, you clearly end up with less than if you ordered them individually. So you are always on the safe side here.

Only downside: as already warned, the offers are limited in time and you have to be quick. Whether or not they will come back later is debatable, and if they do, at what cost. They could then be much more expensive.

Who is the product supplier?

The Karben wallet provider is a company with the following address:


Suite 3A Middletown

New Castle FROM 19709

One option is to call the customer via Canada and the United States. The number is: 866 206 1457.

You can purchase the Karben Wallet at the following URL: https://www.karbenwallet.com/

Known FAQs about this product

In this final section, we would like to answer typical questions that might have arisen about the Karben Wallet. This way we want to give you an even better overview and explain whether the wallet might be something for you or not.

  • Q: Is it really possible to put the Karben wallet in the back pocket?
  • A: It is perfectly possible to put the product in your back pocket. It withstands this load and is so practical that you hardly notice it when you sit down. As a result, this question can clearly be answered with a yes. Another indication is that carbon fiber is very strong and therefore will not break.
  • Q: What is the actual size of the wallet?
  • A: The dimensions are 8 x 61 x 86 mm. In addition, the product weighs only 60 grams. You can carry it in your trouser pocket as well as in a small inside pocket of your jacket. If you want, you can just put it in your back pocket.
  • Q: Do I really need batteries to make it work?
  • A: No, no batteries are required to use the product.
  • Q: Does the retailer offer a money back guarantee?
  • A: Unfortunately, there is no mention of a money back guarantee on the manufacturer’s website. The best thing to do is to contact the retailer if you don’t like the product. This way you can negotiate other procedures. But unfortunately there is no direct advice on how to return the product.
  • Q: Can only men use the product?
  • A: Of course not. The product can also be used by women without any problem. However, they often have such a bulky handbag with them, in which there are other things, that the product is simply not enough for them. In general, however, nothing prevents women from using the product.
  • Q: What payment options are available from the manufacturer?
  • A: In addition to Paypal, Apple Pay and credit card can also be used to place an order. The payment options are easy to manage, and the provider wants to make sure the ordering process is hassle-free.


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