Is the new OPPO A95 designed for multitasking?

Gone are the days when you had to pack a sturdy camera, radio and game console in your bag. When you have a smartphone below 20,000P that has multitasking and upgrades, you can slip all three into your back pocket without having to break your wallet. And with the new normal accelerating at full speed, you are sure to need a device that can run quickly, efficiently, and improve your daily life.

So when we saw that the OPPO A95 is now available on Lazada for only P15 999 SRP, the tech-savvy and multitasking young people in us must have seen for themselves if the device lived up to the hype and more. With notable features like a 48MP triple camera, 6.45-inch AMOLED FHD + punch-hole display, and 5000mAh battery, we knew we were on to something. Here is what we can say about the device:

Its lightweight design makes it ideal for heavy use
Much like the other OPPO models, the A95 is slim at 7.95mm, light at 175g, and looks absolutely stunning in the palm of your hand. Its soft, slightly rounded edges make it easy to hold, whether you’re taking photos and editing videos, attending an online meeting, or browsing social media for hours on end. No need for a pop plug, tbh. Your thumbs will not go numb while holding this smartphone.

The back of the device is matte (ours is available in Glossy Rainbow Silver, but you can also choose from a Glossy Star Black), but it still appears bright and pearly, thanks to the patented Reno Glow design. OPPO which is the basis for the design of the popular and fashionable mid-range OPPO Reno Series. So hey, even if you’re not into the aesthetic, you’ll have to admit that this makes a nice accessory to carry around.

It is designed to protect your eyes
Have you ever stared at your screen for a few minutes, only to get a pounding headache afterward? The OPPO A95 is pretty much designed for visually impaired users (and that’s pretty much everyone) as it comes with an all-day eye care feature. And get this: we spent the whole weekend excessively watching Hell on Netflix, and we always felt comfortable and relaxed afterwards (a bonus: the device itself didn’t feel hot or fried afterwards, but we’ll talk about its productivity specs later). Anyway, goodbye to eye strain.

The All-Day Eye Care feature combines AI Smart Backlight, which intelligently adjusts your phone’s backlight throughout the day, with DC Dimming, which changes screen brightness to reduce screen flicker and prevent screen flickering. eye fatigue. That way, you can remain a smart performer for long hours without having to use that pain reliever at the end of the day.

It’s user friendly

Here’s the best part for casual gamers and multitasking: The phone comes with ColorOS 11.1, which is designed to help improve productivity, privacy, security, and entertainment. Its special features also include Game Space, Game Assistant, Game Focus Mode and Bullet Notifications which let you enjoy your games whatever you want.

The A95 is also powered by OPPO’s proprietary Hyper Boost technology, which delivers stable frame rates while gaming, while consuming less battery and ensuring your phone doesn’t heat up, and we also have made the most of our gaming experience. Granted, our correspondent isn’t a pro gamer or anything, but she swore to play Pokemon unite until the wee hours of the morning. Leave the OPPO A95 to convert a casual gamer into someone who just couldn’t get enough.

Photos look great, wherever you are

Indoors or outdoors, content creators can bet their photos will be vibrant and worthy of being fueled. The OPPO A95 is built with a 48MP triple camera configured with an f / 1.7 aperture, allowing it to capture the most light wherever you are. Its front camera is also quite impressive, as it has a 16-megapixel sensor, which makes it ideal for selfies.

The device also has a comprehensive list of AI-powered features. Set it to panorama and you’ll be able to take wide and expansive photos of landscapes and wildlife, making it ideal for all the revenge journeys we all plan to take over the coming year. Set it to portrait and you can capture your favorite moments with your pets. You can also set it to Slo-Mo, Time-Lapse, and Night Mode, so you can document your workouts, dining experiences, or evenings out with your friends (and post it to prove it happened).

Expert mode is perfect for budding photographers and small business owners. For the latter, you can use it to take quality product photos and easily upload them to platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Its battery will not disappoint you

If your phone is plugged into its charger all day, it’s high time you got an upgrade. After using the phone during a busy work day for video calls, mobile banking, photos and videos, doomscrolling On Facebook and Instagram, online gaming, among other mobile activities, the OPPO A95 has proven to have a powerful and long-lasting battery.

What makes it very convenient is that it is also paired with 33W flash charge and fast charging speed powered by Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 662 and System Booster. That said, you can count on it to hit a full charge in half an hour.

So, is the new OPPO A95 worth it?

Really, the best thing about the OPPO A95 is that it is made for literally anyone, but especially for multitasking who can’t go a day without being productive. Whether you are a content creator, budding photographer, tech enthusiast, gamer, or just someone looking for a device with a powerful battery, this device is worth upgrading. I mean, finally you get an amazing device with smooth performance and still totally affordable. Everything is possible with the OPPO A95.

Apart from the key features that we have mentioned above, you will be pleased to know that the device also offers various connectivity options such as 5G compatible connection, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and USB Type C. It also has an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor, a gyroscope, a proximity sensor and a fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen. Seriously, in a world where smartphones and gadgets can drain your bank account, the OPPO A95 is a cost effective option that will always give you what you pay for.

And for the record, if you are planning on doing this upgrade soon, then you better do it now. With the JoyFull OPPO sale going on, you can expect tons of prizes and freebies! Anyone who buys a 9,500P and above OPPO smartphone (including the A95) can have the chance to play the roulette raffle and win a P700 OFF IoT voucher, G25 headphones or a 32 GB memory card from the 19 November to December 31 at ALL OPPO brand stores and partner retailers nationwide. Just drop by any OPPO flagship store to find out more.

You can also easily order your smartphone via Shopee or Lazada. For more information, visit the OPPO website.

According to the DTI fair trade permit n ° FTEB-129221, series of 2021.

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