International Day of Persons with Disabilities: 8 apps to improve everyday life

The International Day of People with Alzheimer’s Disease Disability is commemorated on December 3 since 1992, the year of its proclamation by the United Nations General Assembly.

It was created to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all areas of society and development, as well as to raise awareness of their situation in all aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life.

According to the last census, in Argentina 12.9% of the population has a disability. There are 5 million people who need more accessibility.

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8 online tools for people with disabilities

A project for people with speech difficulties

Link with the project is a new Android app that aims to help people with speech disabilities communicate more easily with other people and interact with the Google Assistant.

The app uses phrases that help to understand unique vocal patterns and provides access to the three main functions of the app: Listen, Repeat and Assistant.

Products for the visually impaired

To look for is an application available in Spanish which uses artificial intelligence to help people who are blind or visually impaired to obtain information about their environment.

Thanks to the cell phone camera, this application uses artificial vision to recognize targets and texts in the physical universe and announce them aloud.

It has different modes: it allows you to scan and read documents, identify food labels, objects around them, among others.

To respond is it android screen reader, which allows someone to use their cell phone or mobile device without using the visual. This feature reads text aloud on the screen, navigates applications and facilitates communication with braille, speech and keyboard.

The app already has the ability to set spanish language for braille keyboard by Talkback.

Voice access is another of the accessibility products for Android, which allows use the cell phone without touching the screen.

This app allows users to browse apps, compose and edit text, and talk to Google Assistant without using their hands.

Products for the hearing impaired

The application Instant transcription (or Live Transcribe, in English), was developed by a Google employee with hearing loss. Provides real-time transcriptions of conversations happening around, through the use of the cell phone’s microphone.

A year ago, the possibility was added that the application visually identify ambient soundsLike a nearby barking dog, someone knocking on the door, or a car at high speed.

The Sound amplifier (sound amplifier, in English) helps a sound to be clearer and easier to hear. This feature can be used on Android phones with the use of headphones which filter, boost and amplify surrounding sounds.

Products for people with motor disabilities:

This is an experimental Android application which use eye and gaze movement to select pre-written sentences on a screen and communicate aloud.

People have to look left, up, or right to quickly select what they want to say from a list of phrases.

What’s more, it has the feature of customizing words or phrases so that people can show their real voice, and the sensitivity of eye movement can be adjusted.

Camera switches turns phone camera into a new kind of switch It detects facial gestures.

Now it’s possible for everyone to use eye movements and facial gestures personalized for their range of motion to navigate their phone without using their hands or voice.

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