IDEMIA brings mobile driver’s licenses to Mississippi

The Mississippi Department of Safety (DPS) is partnering with IDEMIA to bring mobile driver’s licenses to Mississippi residents. The state is the fourth state to offer IDEMIA’s mobile identification service and joins a list that already includes Oklahoma, Delaware and Arizona. The former adopted mobile identifiers in 2019, while the latter two made their announcements in March 2021.

Those interested in a Mobile ID can enroll in the program when they receive their more traditional physical driver’s license. The digital document can be used as valid proof of identity (or proof of age) in any location in Mississippi that recognizes physical licenses, and thus eliminates the need for a physical card in many in-person interactions.

IDEMIA mobile identifiers are stored in a free application on the user’s smartphone. The Mississippi version is only accessible with a fingerprint or facial recognition scan, which prevents criminals from using the documents for fraudulent purposes. The app also gives document holders more control over their personal information, as they can choose what information to share (and not to share) when they use the mobile ID to verify their age.

Mobile identifiers will provide additional online utilities, where they can be used as proof of identity when accessing state services. The technology will make these interactions more secure and help mitigate fraud within the Mississippi system.

“The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is committed to using technology to improve the quality of life for our residents,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. “While Mississippi Mobile ID will be voluntary; we are confident that residents will find this new service safe, private and convenient.

“Through this partnership, Mississippi is leading the digital transformation by providing residents with a secure identification option that improves their access to state services,” added Michael Lee, vice president of business operations at IDEMIA.

IDEMIA plans to add more states to its mobile ID list in 2022. The company has also created a separate mobile ID app for the state of Iowa.

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