Huawei has a new patent to improve the efficiency of fingerprint identification

On December 17, Huawei announced a new patent for the ECG sensing device with publication number CN113796872A. According to the China Intellectual Property Database, this patent was filed on June 12, 2020 in China.

This Huawei patent application describes that it provides an electrocardiogram (ECG) detection device and a detection circuit, which belong to the field of electronic technology. This patent can effectively reduce interference with ECG signals and ensure the accuracy of ECG detection.

The housing of an ECG detection device can be made of a conductive material. An EKG sensing device may include a voltage hold circuit to provide the housing with a target potential. Since the potential difference between the target potential supplied by the voltage holding circuit and the reference potential supplied by the ECG detection circuit for the third electrode is small.

Even during the ECG sensing process, the user may accidentally touch the casing, causing the casing to interact with the third electrode. If the electrode is on, there is no leakage current between the cover and the third electrode, or the leakage current generated is small.

Huawei D Watch:

Huawei will unveil the next premium smartwatch – Huawei Watch D with blood pressure and ECG monitoring function on December 23. According to reports, the Watch D smart watch comes with a sleek yet sturdy design and will bring a powerful bracelet with sculpted lines to provide you with better grip on the wrist.

In addition, Huawei Watch D smart watch can measure user’s blood pressure including high, low pressure and pulse. The watch can also simulate the real process of measuring blood pressure and ECG, and the data will be more accurate.

Huawei Watch D Blood Pressure

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