How to fix BVNs already used in Stream 2 Biometric Verification

Below is how to troubleshoot BVNs already used in NPower Stream 2 Biometrics Verification.

Are you a Npower batch C stream 2 candidate shortlisted for biometric fingerprint capture verification and each time you click on the fingerprint verification button it will take you to a form which when trying to toll, will eventually lead you to get a response that BVN has been used already? Well, if you find yourself in this situation, we advise you to follow the instructions below! Nasim’s self-service.

Note that you cannot use your phone for biometric fingerprint capture. Before clicking on that fingerprint capture button, make sure you are at the internet cafe to capture your fingerprint. Any errors in this state can hamper your deployment.

All you have to do is bypass the form that pops up when you click capture
fingerprint button on your Nasims dashboard. You can do this by directly using the nasims biometric fingerprint capture software which I believe if you visit any of the internet cafes performing Npower verification will have already downloaded it.

You will only need your Npower ID number to login Nasims biometric fingerprint capture software downloaded to capture your fingers in internet cafe.

You must capture all your fingers starting from the left hand to the right.

Remember that your Nasims dashboard login information is secret and should not be revealed publicly.

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