HiDong ProHa Fitness Mirror is officially launched

Smart fitness brand HiDong has launched a new product – ProHa Fitness Mirror.

HONG KONG SAR, July 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The frequency of people going to the gym is gradually decreasing, and home fitness has become a new craze, making home fitness a new choice for people wanting to lead a healthy life. Using smart fitness devices or tracking exercise with fitness YouTubers is becoming increasingly popular.

In July, smart fitness brand HiDong launched a new product – ProHa Fitness Mirror, which provides a new choice for all fitness enthusiasts. It offers thousands of monthly updated classes for youth, kids, seniors, and people with different fitness levels. Built-in AI motion capture technology and somatosensory games make users much more fun.

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Create a professional home gym with scientific and professional programs and AI technology

The ProHa fitness mirror offers exclusive fitness classes for people of different ages. With thousands of fitness classes updated monthly, family members of different ages and with different fitness needs can find the fitness class that’s right for them. ProHa also offers users personalized programs and healthy recipes to help them better achieve their fitness goals.

What’s more, users can enjoy individual professional fitness training in the mirror anytime and anywhere. With dual-chip AI motion capture technology and built-in high-performance processor, every movement of users will be detected and corrected, which ensures that the user’s training movements are standardized. ProHa can also smoothly calculate changes in milliseconds and give feedback to users without delay so that users can be more clearly informed of their training results, making home fitness more scientific and professional.

Somatosensory games make family fitness more fun

ProHa offers a variety of integrated somatosensory games, which transform the living room into a fitness games room in a second. It allows users to play games and exercise with their families simultaneously. What’s more, users can also exercise with other users or their friends online, no need to worry about exercising alone!

Interact with the fitness mirror in multiple ways

To make it accessible, the ProHa fitness mirror allows users to control the mirror with a touch, a voice wake word or even a mouse. With a simple “HiDong, turn on the mirror”, users can begin their home fitness journey.

Innovative 5A technology

HiDong adopts revolutionary 5A mirror technology that no one owns. (AG anti-glare, AR anti-glare, AF anti-fingerprint, AM anti-microbial, AS anti-shatter). The AM and AF design allows users to freely touch the screen without worrying about leaving a fingerprint, and the antimicrobial rate is 99%.

Nowadays, with the closure of many gyms and people’s growing interest in fitness, online fitness has become an increasingly popular way to train, such as exercise with tracking videos, taking fitness classes on zoom and fitness mirrors have become an extremely effective way to train. Take ProHa home for an effective, scientific and enjoyable exercise experience. The ProHa Fitness Mirror is available on Kickstarter. Users can grab the mirror at a limited 40% off price of $899 (original price $1499).

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