HID Global’s mobile biometrics are certified for use by Florida police

HID Global’s mobile biometric identification technology has been certified for use by law enforcement to quickly perform biometric identification verification in the field.

HID hardware and software are Rapid ID certified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

It consists of the Nomad 30 mobile fingerprint reader, ArcID mobile application and Commander data management software. The Nomad 30 is a two-print scanner. After collecting the biometrics, officers can submit them from their cell phones, the company says.

The system can check fingerprints against databases from the state’s Falcon Integrated Criminal History System and the FBI’s repository for individuals of particular concern. Responses to queries are delivered in “minutes,” according to the ad.

This will allow police to determine if a person has an outstanding arrest warrant or criminal record in Florida or federally.

HID says faster access to this information can help keep Florida police safe during routine traffic stops and other encounters.

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