Grabba brings mobile biometric solutions to the World Humanitarian Forum

Mobile biometric data collection technology provider Grabba has joined the World Humanitarian Forum (WHF) as a Tech 4 Good partner.

The program aims to define the role of technology in the world to create better social and environmental outcomes, as well as to support applications focused on humanitarian aid.

Grabba’s solutions combine biometrics and biographical data to create mobile solutions designed to verify the identity of individuals. They include iris, facial and fingerprint biometrics, as well as various document reading technologies.

“Our dedicated team works tirelessly to develop the technology and confidence that has enabled us to help global organizations achieve their goals for over 20 years,” said Micah Walker, CEO of Grabba.

“And now we are stepping up with an even bigger purpose, with human impact and meaning beyond profit. Our technology is reliable in evacuation crises and refugee movements, and we are excited to bring impact and energy to the WHF mission. “

Walker formalized the Tech 4 Good partnership with WHF CEO Feraye Ozfescioglu at COP26 in Glasgow earlier this month.

“COVID-19 has exposed the fragilities of the world,” Ozfescioglu said on occasion. We need to create new standards of leadership and partnerships that go beyond engagement and toward fundamental transformation today, for a better tomorrow.

Formalizing the partnership, Grabba will participate in the WHFTalks series to begin a sequence of Tech 4 Good programs in December 2021.

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