GPD Pocket 3 beats crowdfunding target, coming soon

GPD is a veteran of the small form factor PC market, and their latest device to hit the market is the GPD Pocket 3.

While GPD stands for GamePad Digital, the GPD Pocket 3 is a bargain.

With modular I / O ports, an 1195G7 processor, 16 GB of memory, 1 TB of disk space, supports serial port and KVM module, the device is designed for mobile IT staff who don’t want not be weighed down by a large laptop.

The device has raised over a million dollars on Idiegogo and is expected to ship in about 1 month.

The device has the following exciting features:

  1. 8 inch IPS screen with excellent outdoor visibility, 180 degree aperture and DC dimming, bright and vivid display for your content consuming pleasure;
  2. The specially developed swivel screen allows the screen to be rotated clockwise around the Y axis, allowing you to share screen content with everyone around;
  3. Folding rear screen that supports 10 point touch, allowing quick switching between laptop / tablet modes;
  4. Support Active Pen with 4096 level pressure sensor, support original handwriting, and compatible with Surface Pen;
  5. Supports EIA RS-232 serial interface expansion module, making Pocket 3 a true mobile workstation for operation and maintenance engineers;
  6. Supports single port KVM control module (with HDMI IN and USB IN) for system and network management across multiple server platforms;
  7. Two configurations available (with the i7-1195G7 and N6000 processors respectively) to meet individual needs;
  8. 16GB High Frequency Dual Channel LPDDR4x 3733 RAM for better experience;
  9. Comes with 1TB M.2 2280 SSD and supports PCIe 4 protocol with significantly improved transmission speed (up to 7.8Gb / s theoretical top speed, exceeding Thunderbolt 4);
  10. Integrated Thunderbolt 4 interface fully compatible with USB4 and other devices, including external graphics docking stations, enabling higher work and gaming efficiency;
  11. Accurate fingerprint sensor for quick 1 second unlock and true privacy protection;
  12. Support Wi-Fi 6, with theoretical download speed of 300MB / s, transmission speed and throughput which is almost 5 times that of Wi-Fi 5;
  13. Aluminum unibody design, similar to that used by Apple devices, giving a sophisticated and detailed appearance;
  14. Active and quiet heat dissipation with intelligently controlled cooling fans (with hydraulic bearings and pure copper cooling modules);
  15. Ergonomic mouse + touchpad layout optimized for thumb control while holding the device with both hands;
  16. 10,000mAh high capacity battery supporting 65W PD fast charging and 9 hours of video playback;
  17. Support traditional PD power banks, which allow 65W or more input power for faster charging;
  18. Supports TPM 2.0 and comes with the latest version of Windows 11 to meet the needs of those who want to try out the latest in trendy technology;
  19. Full QWERTY keyboard optimized for a better two-handed typing experience, and with long-lasting backlighting that can be turned on or off via key combinations;
  20. Built-in 2 million pixel camera for online communication with family and friends anytime, anywhere;
  21. The 2.5mm screw holes on the side make it convenient for flexible mounting in various complex settings, including mounting on a stand or behind a screen;
  22. Complete productivity tool in your pocket, which can help you solve problems anytime, anywhere;
  23. 2.5G Ethernet card with a revolutionary transmission rate which is 2.5 times the theoretical speed of gigabit broadband;
  24. 3 USB 3.2 ports to connect more devices with high speed 10Gbps / s transmission;
  25. User-friendly lanyard design that fits any business card / phone lanyard;
  26. Multiple video outputs for flexible multitasking, including simultaneous work and play;
  27. High-end AAC stereo speakers with dual amplitude enhancement, large volume with clear sound;

Check out the Linus Tech Tips review below:

You can still buy one for under $ 1,200 from Indiegogo here.

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