Google Adds to Illinois Biometric Privacy Law Regulations | Illinois

(The Center Square) – Some Illinois residents may receive a check as part of a class-action settlement against Google.

The lawsuit, which is similar to the one recently settled with Facebook, claimed the company violated state biometric information privacy law with the Google Photos app. According to the plaintiffs, the social media platform unlawfully used facial recognition data, collected without consent, to trick users into tagging their friends in the photos.

“Illinois has the most extensive biometric information protection law in the nation,” said Ed Yohnka, communications director for the ACLU of Illinois. “Illinois is a place that has really protected the privacy of the people who live here.”

Google has admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement, which resolves a group of lawsuits brought by five plaintiffs.

If a final order is approved in the case in September, Illinois people who appeared in a photo in Google Photos between May 1, 2015 and the date of the preliminary settlement approval could participate in the settlement.

A Google spokesperson said Google Photos users in Illinois will be asked for consent to face the bundling in the coming weeks and will expand nationwide shortly. after.

The case follows a similar settlement with Facebook over its face tagging feature. The settlement included more than one million Facebook users in Illinois for whom the social network created and stored a face template after June 2011.

The checks ($397) began going out in May after two plaintiffs who objected to the awarding of $97.5 million in attorneys’ fees in the case dropped their appeal.

Being tagged automatically in photos might not seem like a big deal to some, but once tagged, your face can become available to businesses outside the walls of your photo platform.

“When these elements are combined with other information about us, it essentially monetizes our identity for someone else,” Yohnka said.

Those looking to file a complaint can do so here.

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