GIPF launches new biometric system

THE Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) yesterday launched a new biometric enrollment and verification system for its more than 50,000 active beneficiaries.

This system will require all eligible annuitants to be registered to have their biometric data entered, in particular the capture of fingerprints and facial impressions, into an automated biometric identification system (Abis).

The GIPF previously relied heavily on fingerprint identification, and the new system has an added security feature of facial scanning, which has liveness detection.

“This is particularly critical when we have members with disabilities in terms of their hands or finger damage, which can be difficult to scan,” Evans Maswahu, chairman of the fund’s benefits and administration committee, said yesterday.

The fund had suspended the registration and verification process at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and is now resuming it.

The new biometric enrollment system, which went live yesterday, will operate until February 28, 2023, and verification will be performed at all full-fledged GIPF offices across the country.

The GIPF satellite offices in Grootfontein, Opuwo and Nkurenkuru will not register during this initial phase, but will be served by mobile teams whose timings have not yet been announced.

“The GIPF therefore urges all eligible annuitants to register. Please note that the term “eligible” refers to all annuitants receiving income from the GIPF, and not to be confused with those receiving government grants.

“Eligible annuitants include all retired members, whether those on early or normal retirement, or spouses and children of deceased GIPF members,” Maswahu said.

He indicated that this verification is limited to recipients of a monthly income from the GIPF, and that the communication of the documents to be brought during the verification will be made public in due course.

“I repeat that the fund places great importance on sustainability and therefore needs to ensure that benefits are only paid to the right beneficiaries. Annuitants are therefore encouraged to register to ensure that their benefits continue to be paid. be paid in due time,” Maswahu said.

The president urged members of the fund to be vigilant of people who might try to mislead or defraud them in the process with false information.

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