Genesis Confirms Face and Fingerprint Recognition for GV60

Genesis has officially unveiled its new GV60 electric vehicle. In doing so, the company confirmed many of the rumors that had been circulating about the car’s biometric characteristics over the past few weeks.

Most notably, the Genesis GV60 will indeed have a fingerprint authentication system that allows owners to start the car with just a fingerprint recognition scan. The sensor can be used to authorize in-car payments and to aid ignition.

The fingerprint sensor will be paired with a Face Connect facial authentication utility. The GV60 will place a near infrared camera in the driver’s side B-pillar and initiate a facial recognition scan as soon as the owner touches the vehicle’s power door handle. The function can be used to lock and unlock the car (assuming there is a match) and allows for a more personalized driving experience. For example, the car will automatically adjust the seat, steering wheel and mirrors when it recognizes a registered user, and adjust the infotainment system according to the driver’s preferences.

The Face Connect function can support two registered faces. Together with the fingerprint authentication system, it allows owners to access and drive their cars using only their biometric information. The improved Over-the-Air software update system will provide updates for key systems such as brakes, suspension and airbags in addition to the infotainment system, eliminating the need to travel to a service center for these more comprehensive upgrades.

The GV60 also features an advanced driver assistance system and parts made from recycled materials such as plant-based leather. The infotainment system supports voice recognition, as well as phone calls, navigation and other media. The enhanced Digital Key 2 can be shared with up to three drivers, while the vehicle itself can achieve a range of up to 400 km on a single charge.

Genesis didn’t give any details on the car’s price, or its actual release date. The company has previously hinted at a fingerprint ignition for the GV70 2022, while Face Connect has been in the works since 2018.

October 1, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

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