Future iPhones May Be Able To Track Depression And Anxiety

Since Apple launched the Apple Watch in the market, the company has put a lot of effort into developing health tracking features. While Apple Watch models have been live savers for various people over the years, a new report suggests that Apple is working on adding new health tracking features to future iPhone models, including tracking. anxiety and depression.

According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal (paywalled), Apple has partnered with two organizations to develop mental health monitoring features for its upcoming iPhones.

The company is reportedly working with the University of California at Los Angeles on a project, named Seabreeze, to develop depression and anxiety tracking functionality. On the other hand, Apple has also teamed up with a pharmaceutical company called Biogen to work on a project called Pi to focus on features for tracking cognitive decline.

Thus, with the UCLA project, Apple aims to develop new functionalities for monitoring mental health by exploiting various data collected by iPhone and Apple Watch. These include gait patterns, facial expressions, typing speed, and other health-related data of users. The data, once collected, is compared to user-submitted surveys of emotions and hormonal residues in biological samples to track depression and anxiety.

The Pi project with Biogen is also leveraging similar health metrics to develop iPhone functionality to measure and track users’ cognitive decline. So, with these features, future iPhone models could monitor and track users’ physical and mental health.

Now, while the new tracking features look interesting, the report says they are still in their early stages. Thus, it may take some time for Apple to integrate the features of iPhone or Apple Watch models.

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