Frictionless biometric authentication under PSD2 and GDPR regulations

Join Simon Moffatt, Founder and Analyst of The Cyber ​​Hut and Gal Steinberg, VP of Product at Keyless on March 29 where they will discuss the growing need for frictionless authentication in light of increasing regulation and fintech innovation.

They will discuss how the rise of consumer identity is creating new demands in the authentication space. As organizations progress in their digital travelrespond to external compliance challenges such as the Payment Services Directive II and support new “challenger Bank” and e-commerce business models, authentication is becoming an increasingly important role for the customer commitment and contextual Security.

Authentication is at the heart of many user-application interactions and continues to evolve. Simon and Gal will discuss this evolutionary journey identifying historical and current weaknesses in existing authentication approaches.

When considering credential management systems as a holistic the life cyclethe response and recovery aspects are often underinvested, resulting in a lack of end-user autonomy and a poor experience.

What can be done to improve these steps? What impact does this have on the security and usability of the consumer identity authentication journey?

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