Freevolt Technologies and LogOnPlus Announce S-Key Partnership

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Freevolt Technologies and ipas-systeme are pleased to announce the release of LogOnPlus v5.1 with biometric credentials, facilitated by S-Key biometric access cards. Users in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries who already use LogOnPlus will now be able to securely log into their systems using biometrics via S-Key.

Launched in 2014, LogOnPlus is already used by leading manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries across Central Europe. Widely supported, including target applications from Emerson Process (DeltaV), General Electric (iFix), Siemens (Simatic Logon), Honeywell (Experion PKS), COPA-DATA (Zenon), and Körber (PAS-X), LogOnPlus is an off-the-shelf (COTS) software that controls and facilitates user logins for target applications in production environments. LogOnPlus dramatically reduces login times and enables additional features such as passwordless reconnects and remote login replication.

With the latest version, now supporting S-Key, LogOnPlus is able to go password-free entirely by using individuals’ biometric credentials to verify their identity and further its mission of reducing login times. LogOnPlus can distinguish biometrically unlocked S-Key cards from conventional RFID tags and thus enables hybrid scenarios where both types are in place. S-Key addresses GDPR biometrics concerns by securely storing users’ biometric data only on their own personal cards, never transmitting it or requiring central databases.

Using S-Key’s leading radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology, Freevolt, LogOnPlus customers can maintain their existing NFC reader and back-end systems for their target applications, simply by upgrading to LogOnPlus v5.1 and S-Key for immediate biometric control. access to their existing equipment.

Gonzalo de Gisbert, Product & Comics Manager, Freevolt Technologies, said:

“We are delighted to work with the team at LogOnPlus who are leaders in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, enabling seamless and reduced connection times, thereby increasing efficiency. S-Key has already enabled many customers across Europe to upgrade their physical infrastructure to biometrics, but with today’s announcement we are demonstrating our move to logical access, enabling industries with strict security requirements to benefit from battery-free biometric technology in a simple, safe, and secure package, our S-Key card.

Thomas Häuser, LogOnPlus product manager, said:

“We are more than happy to have found a reliable and innovative partner in the Freevolt S-Key team. S-Key allows us to provide completely passwordless logins without sacrificing security for convenience. One of the unmatched benefits of S-Key is that it requires no additional infrastructure or software for biometric identification: everything happens on the card and it stays on the card – forever. The standard form factor combined with common RFID technology allows our customers to easily transition to biometric identification from conventional RFIDs without incurring high costs for hardware or system changes. We see great potential in S-Key in conjunction with LogOnPlus and are therefore proud to offer the LogOnPlus S-Key Adapter (A200) with LogOnPlus 5.1 as the first biometric approach to passwordless logins.

About Freevolt

Freevolt Technologies is a British technology company that develops next-generation biometric smart cards for the access control, cryptocurrency wallet, healthcare and payments industries. Freevolt is an award-winning suite of proprietary technologies that recycle and harvest radio frequency (RF) energy from radio transmission networks (eg, NFC, cellular, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Freevolt’s mission is to provide advanced biometric smart cards with fraud protection and enhanced security without imposing changes to existing card reader infrastructure or user experience. Our flagship product, S-Key, is a batteryless biometric smart card for access control, helping businesses reduce security and identity theft risks through stronger user authentication.

Freevolt is based in London, UK, with a team of international engineers bringing a wealth of experience in product development and manufacturing, as well as expertise in RF energy harvesting and associated power technologies . The company holds more than 20 granted patents protecting our intellectual property in multiple territories.

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About LogOnPlus

LogOnPlus is a software product from ipas-systeme, an engineering office based near Frankfurt, Germany. ipas-systeme was founded in 1995 by its current owner Bernhard Wurm and specializes in the development of customized software (in particular interfaces in the DCS and MES environment) for customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

LogOnPlus is a server/client software that identifies operators, validates their credentials and generates a login request in a production application via the respective API. LogOnPlus supports a variety of identification methods (adapters) and target applications (connectors) designed to increase production efficiency by saving login and sign-in time in tightly regulated production environments with production needs. frequent personal connections.

LogOnPlus 1.0 was created in 2014 and went through several stages of development up to the current version 5.1 supporting biometric authentication.

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