Four smart security gear for your home on Amazon India

Protect your home against intruders with the help of these four smart security devices ideally suited for your home.

Whether you live alone or with your family, your home is where you feel safest. This is why the security of your home should always be your priority. To do this, you can install a home security system equipped with modern technology to protect your home from unwanted visitors. These systems can include a security camera, alarm, doorbell and many more. Read below to learn more about four such smart security gear available on Amazon.

QUBO Smart Wireless Video Doorbell

This QUBO smart wireless video doorbell comes with an instant visitor video call feature that keeps you connected to your front door all the time, no matter where you are. It comes with a Full HD camera and a built-in intruder alarm system with which you can smartly secure your home’s front door and ward off intruders. It has a two-way talk function with which you can talk to your visitors, and it also saves messages that you can listen to later in case you are busy. It intelligently detects people with advanced AI capabilities and sends you a notification. With a special video collage provided at the end of each day, you can see what happened outside your door all day.

Mi 360 Home Security Camera

This Mi 360 home security camera comes with an AI-powered motion detection alert that accurately detects any unusual movement near the camera and notifies you with alerts so you can act quickly. With infrared night vision, the camera can work effectively even at night to provide you with 24/7 security against intruders. This makes it a perfect security companion for your home. With the Talkback feature that enables two-way audio through the built-in microphone and speaker, you can talk to your family and stay in touch wherever you are. With perfect image quality, you get a clear video image in which even distant backgrounds are clear. It comes with 360 degree vision which means you get complete home protection with a full 360 degree horizontal view.

D3D wireless smart home security system

This D3D wireless smart home security system works well with Alexa, through which you can give it voice commands and enjoy a true hands-free experience. With a PIR sensor, the system can detect any movement and send real-time alerts so you can act quickly on unusual activity. The wireless door sensor protects unwanted entry by activating the security system and sending alerts to your registered mobile phone numbers and smartphone app. You can easily control this system via a remote control or a smartphone app that you can download to your phone. Wi-Fi and GSM technology ensures that all alerts are sent to you via Wi-Fi. Supporting over 1000 devices, this system proves to be an effective home security system you can rely on.

LAVNA L-A24 Smart Door Lock

This LAVNA L-A24 smart door lock comes with an OTP unlock feature that allows you to generate an OTP from anywhere, which you can then share with your visitor and allow them one-time entry into your home when you are absent. It also has a 360 degree fingerprint sensor that allows fingerprint unlocking. You can store up to 100 fingerprints in this smart lock. The lock is controlled by a mobile app and you can add or remove any user at your convenience. The lock also comes with a computerized mechanical key that can be used for unlocking.

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