Flash a QR and your facial and US biometrics will put you in a jet seat

Mobile IDs are coming to American Airlines customers.

The company uses facial recognition to verify US passenger information, allowing a passenger to walk through checkpoints with their phone (with a QR code), face, and willingness to share certain biometric data with the Department of Homeland Security.

It will work through a partnership with Airside and Thales, for residents of all states that support driver license data verification. So not Alaska, Oklahoma, New Hampshire or West Virginia.

To get their American Airlines Mobile ID, customers will need a Transportation Security Administration PreCheck account, allowing them to bypass long lines at airport security.

Also required: an AAdvantage loyalty account, either a US driver’s license or passport, a new application, and a flight from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, where American is based.

The company said it plans to expand the program to Miami International, Phoenix Sky Harbor International and Washington Reagan National.

The required Airside Digital ID app for iOS or Android is free to download. Using it, a US customer would take a photo in the app, scan their license or passport, and type in their AAdvantage account number.

Thales’s integrated biometric software will compare submitted license information against automotive department databases across the country. Passport data will be verified by chip in the passport itself.

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